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  1. A couple of years ago, somebody posted a letter about what to expect during your first skydive. If I remember correctly it was associated with his family member skydiving (possibly a daughter). I do remember that it was very well written. I tried to search for it, but I could not find it. Does anybody have this, or have the link to this?
  2. My son did glider training at Boulder. The typical approach of the gliders is a midfield crosswind, downwind, base, and then final. Currently my son flies in owl canyon (ft collins). Although, he received very good training, I always thought that the airspace was very tight. I have not jumped there; but I would feel more comfortable with an off field landing given the chance. The physical space seems much smaller than mile hi.
  3. Dropped in while visiting the Atlanta area to get a fun jump done. Immediately greeted by the DZO and many of the local jumpers. Made to feel welcome. Was able to get 3 jumps done with minimal downtime. The King Air gets to altitude fast. I would go back given the opportunity!
  4. First thanks to everybody for their comments. I think that I do have more sensitive eyes than usual given the fact that I have never really been able to get comfortable with contacts. My left eye is still red and teary, but not painful. My right eye is much better. I know it seems pretty stupid that I did not reach up and flip my visor down. This was my first jump ever with a full face helmet, and the feeling of wind against my face was something that was norm to me. I was concentrating on getting to my slot on a speedstar and really did not realize the wind against my eyes until after canopy opening. At that time, I noticed my eyes were teary. I was wearing my normal glasses (nothing tight fitting). Maybe they provided a little bit of wind protection that I did not notice until later. I am more aware of body position, surroundings, etc than let's say 20 jumps ago. Maybe this is a reminder that I still have a ways to go.
  5. So I did something stupid yesterday. On my first jump with a full faced helmet, I forgot to flip my visor down. Made additional 4 jumps. My eyes were ok. Last night my eyes started getting red. This morning my eyes are red, tearing, and sore. I am assuming I have windburned eyes. Anybody else experience this? Do eye drops help? Anybody know about how long it takes to get better?
  6. For what it is worth from a complete noob. I have a new pulse 190 with about 30 jumps on it. I find the flare to be good and have been happy with my selection so far.
  7. Kevin, Maybe ask the same question under the German forums in Include where you are stationed; they may be able to tell you where the nearest drop zone is located.
  8. Trevor, I use a N3A with helmet speakers insided of a cookie ozone helmet. The speakers rest on the padding inside the helmet. The speakers are essentially on my ear. I can hear the audible count down in freefall. I can also hear the audible tell me break and pull. See attached pic of my setup. Hope this helps.
  9. I use the n3 audible with the following speakers : Sorry, do not know how to clickify. The speakers have Velcro on the back and rest on the padding directly against the ear. Can hear fine in freefall. I tried different speakers between padding and helmet and could not hear anything in freefall.
  10. For your solo jump, try to improve your belly skills. Try turning with your legs only. Try side-slides. Stuff that can help you with group jumps later. If you have time throw a flip or track in there. You will find that you have more time since you are not trying to pass a specific level. Most of all ENJOY and learn from every jump!
  11. Great video and editing. Like the choice of the song. A couple of people looked pretty young. Is there a minimum age where you are at? I might just be getting older. Thanks for sharing!