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  1. Does anybody else carry supplementary insurance that covers skydiving? A lot of providers specifically exclude it.
  2. Anybody here with knee problems jump with a hinged knee brace? Which ones do you recommend and why?
  3. I've had my Bonehead Rev2 helmet for about 2 years now. Recently I've been noticing my chin strap loose mid-flight while wingsuiting. At first I thought I forgot to put it on before exit, but I noticed it this past weekend come undone when I turned my head one way. It's been happening more frequently lately Luckily it hasn't flown off. Anybody else experience this? What can I do about it?
  4. I got to put a couple flights on it this weekend. I'm really liking the minor differences. Overall pressurization has been reduced. It is no longer hyperpressurized like the Funk1, and even with the zippers fully closed, I had no issues collapsing the suit. The tighter fit makes the suit just feel more precise. Forward speed has definitely improved. I was able to catch up to groups I don't think I would have been able to in the Funk1. Openings were a little bit more spicy. Fantastic float. On 2 of my jumps, my dytter actually thought I was under canopy prematurely, which I can only usually do on big suits. As predicted, I did notice a slightly longer inflation time when performing back exits. The tail is just slightly more susceptible to flutter if you have a bad body position so I had to put just the smallest positive leg pressure to prevent that. Still incredibly stable on its back. I want to say that the reduced back inlets reduces drag which is what is partially adding to additional forward drive. Wasn't able to practice too many transitions or barrel rolls yet, so I'll try to play around with those next time I jump.
  5. Received my Funk 2 this evening. I'll share my initial impressions. Hopefully I'll get to fly it this weekend. All inlets now have the structural rib in the center. Rear inlets are smaller than the fronts now and leg wing only has 1 center inlet rather than the 2 on the Funk1. Using a blow dryer, the smaller rear inlets are less efficient for sure. Wonder if this will affect back exits at all. Front inlets allow amazing inflation as usual. Glideskin on the legs is no longer there. I always thought it was kind of pointless anyways. Fits me like a glove in all areas. Definitely a different feel to the baggy Funk1. Leading edge structure is fantastic. It uses the same grainy glideskin as the Freak with the stretchy wrist area. The mylar is now larger, almost going to the end of the wing inlet. There is now removable structural foam that only goes down half span. Using the blow dryer, I tested out how collapsing the suit felt. It seems like the Funk2 is much better at holding in air. I didn't notice as much of a difference with the pressure zippers open compared to closed. There was still a noticeable positive pressure to collapse both arm and legs wings. On the Funk1, there was a stark difference. With the zippers open, there was very little resistance. Really excited to test this out in the air if weather permits. I'll report back on how it flies.
  6. I used to use the black plate that the GoPro packaging comes with and cut 2 slots in it. Then I threaded a belt through it. It works alright. Then I got the chesty mount from GoPro and instead of putting my arms through it like you are supposed to, I put my legs through it like underwear haha. Never had a problem with it and very stable.
  7. I wouldn't recommend sliding off. I know of an incident where the rider slid off and their reserve handle got caught on the wingsuiter's rig causing an unintentional reserve ride. I would recommend rolling off. I've had two riders wrap their legs around my wings. It was much harder to control the flight. Althought deploying off the back is cool, I've had a rider get slammed very hard on opening since we were flying very fast. On exit, the rider needs to be as close as possible. I sometimes actually hold the rider on me by grabbing their leg straps or hugging their rig or legs behind me.
  8. I use a mini extension on the built-in mount and fold the GoPro down as shown in the attached picture. It barely gets in the way of my vision and you can also see if the red light is blinking which is nice. I'm probably going to replace the thumb screw with a pan head screw to remove that potential snag. Having the cutaway gives me peace of mind.
  9. I was quoted 4 weeks delivery and received it in 2.5. Can't complain about that at all!
  10. Never underestimate the greed of a large corporation!
  11. I got to give mad props to Squirrel for getting my Colugo 2 to me in 2.5 weeks!
  12. There was a girl who slept around a lot who became known as "Rental Rig" Also another guy who had long hair, and one drunken day after sunset we cut it off with a hook knife. Hence he became known as "Hook Knife"
  13. Last week, a jumper had a double malfunction on his Racer with the double RSL. The main choked off the reserve and he spiralled into the ground. By some miracle, he walked away from the incident. The video footage is insane. This has definitely convinced me to never jump a double RSL.
  14. I notice similar characteristics. It opens great on heading, but then it is very sensitive to harness inputs while the brakes are still set. This is noticeable when I am unzipping my leg wing, so I have to really focus on staying symmetrical while doing this, or immediately unstow my brakes. I've talked to 2 other Storm owners and they have experienced similar characteristics as it turns soon after opening.
  15. Really enjoying the voice update. Feels like Ironman. You should make a female version of the audio files... with a hot accent :)
  16. Yup I've been using the newer Rev2 and the field of view is incredible.\\
  17. I'm going to try this tomorrow on my commute to work. I just installed the voice update and I was wondering if there was a way to check that it works before taking it up in the air.
  18. I just got a flysight recently and I hate having to deal with wired headphones. Do wireless work well and what kind do you recommend? Obviously needs to be low profile to fit underneath a helmet.
  19. Interesting, I read that Spectra is not supposed to absorb moisture at all. A new fiber to keep an eye on is the new Dyneema DM20. It is basically Spectra, but this new grade should have significantly lower creep.
  20. That's because you're doing it wrong. You don't want to "squeeze" the air out with the funk. It is designed so you more "wrap" your hand and forearm around the back of the suit and to your BOC. It is much much easier than trying to force the wing closed. It wasn't just the wings. I found the tail on the Funk harder to close as well compared to the Carve. Even with the tail zipper all the way open, it still has a slightly higher pressure than the Carve.
  21. I got to demo a Carve this weekend and I found the exact opposite. The Funk inflates like a rock, while the Carve seemed much softer. During pull time, this was definitely noticeable. With the Funk, I have to take my time to really squeeze all the air out, while the Carve had a super easy pull. I keep my Funk zippers totally open still because of this.
  22. Intrudair Tracking suit Tonysuit Masai Pressurized Tube4