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  1. CK5 (some boys from ATL and CK) will be there.. I think we are more looking forward to the comp on Sat instead of the one on Friday.. There will be at least 7 teams, hoping for 8. i hope that there are an even number of teams to fill the Sat comp..
  2. man i have a number of jumps on both... I could not decide between two without 3 or 4 hundred jumps on them,thats how well both fly. I love both canopies.. which ever one you can get the best deal on used would be the one you want to buy... let fate be the choosing will get an ass load of perforemance out of both..
  3. I have been jumping with the light face one now for almost 3 years. I love it. I like the black face better for looks but I think the light face is more functional. sometimes you will have a hard time seeing the black face numbers even on the ground.. the other you can see it clearly from most any angle. I mean you do actually have to look at it in freefall. although it is not something that you can really see by glancing at... but once you are used to it you will be able to.... that is why many people dont like them.
  4. Man he did those back at my DZ at the time, twice.. With in two years.. No camera guy on the jumps.. just that one ground shot by another jumper...
  5. I mean that the hard core swoopers are normally without AAD's but there is a vast majority of us who are hard core up jumpers who fly canopies at comp levels but always have a AAD on religiously.... we need to know what compromising relationships that we are putting ourselves in and it needs to come form the AAD manuf no matter hwo they are... Ok there has been a guy with a fanny pack tying to set off a AAD but has there been any other controled constant R&D with HP landings recently that AAD manuf have published that I have missed bec I would like to read what they say???
  6. make sure that you call james and get him out of the house especially since they found out he is going to e a dad I know he is itching to get out.......
  7. a good example of the type of jump suit I am talkin gof is what Melissa Nelson used to jump in.. I know she is a girl but dont let that affect the effectiveness.. If you look around in some last years Parachutist and look for some of her pictures you will see her black suit with a pink stripe down the sides with the grippers.. I have seen many multi talented jumpers use these types of suits effectively for the past few years......dont get two suits.......
  8. Man with your weight and size you should be able to buy one suit... really!!!! just buy a freefly suit with two sets of small grippers on the leggs and two on the arms. Tonysuits makes good ones like that. Your fall rate issues are gonig to be the exact same whether you are freeflying or RW formations. but man just buy one suit with all the options of both.... trust me with your size you are goin gto be able to track like a SoB so dont worry about booties.. your wing span is going to help you with freeflying so you wont need some big baggy suit because of so much surface area and on your belly you hsouldnt have any problems slowing down without much drag once you learn the right techniques.... Get one suit for both.. this is coming from a big guy too.....
  9. RWS has 25's at $175 or so.. Mirage I think that they have 24s and are a little bit cheaper. Sunpath I know are a little bit cheaper for their 24s but I dont know if they have 26s.. I use the 25s from RWS..they are my favorite.....even though they cost the most...
  10. Skydive Atlanta's Halloween Boogie.. Standing next to Summerfest, Perris Film Festival and NorCal Freefly Festival Boogies it is the best freefly event you can go to.. Events are goin to be your best times..
  11. Yes use two in both helmets.... love having two!!! you can get L&B stuff used really cheap so that makes it even more functional..
  12. No.. One in Slidel but not for a long time after this one...
  13. a problem that happens is that many times when a Vector looks like that there is a too big of a reserve in it, because you can fit one larger in there they just look like that... so make sure while you are looking up specs to make sure to check reserve size of rig and actual canopy.....
  14. Anyone know where to see some off the internet?? Omniskore isnt much help.... anyone know?????
  15. I know a few girls who have their Mirage done by Ouragan, they are freaking awesome.. it is not limited to RWS..