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  1. Jumping off 13000 feet! Wow!! It's not even jumping, its freefalling. Such a thrill... adrenalin pumped in my system for like 2 days afterwards lol. You get briefly but properly instructed to how the experience is gonna happen, the plane takes off, then your heart skips a beat when the door opens, you sit on the edge of the plane and aaaaaa... freefalling.... heartbeating... over Palms Jumeirahm, such a wonderful scenary - amazing location!! Parachutes opens and you stand still in the air. Wow, you now own the world :) Flying over the location, left n right then landing! You wouldn't even notice how high your voice is while your screaming, jumping, high-five-ing hahaha. Thank you Skydive Dubai team... Loved it and will sure visit you again :)