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  1. joe_92

    Hello from Northwest, Ohio!

    Hey everyone! My name's Joe (obviously ) About a year ago, I somehow talked my friend into taking a tandem jump with me at Start Skydiving, in Middletown, Ohio. As soon as I landed, I realized that the experience was absolutely priceless. The view, the sensation of freefall, the canopy ride down--everything was amazing. So, I realized I wanted to learn to jump, back around November, during the winter. I began checking my schedule, and scheduled an AFF jump in May. However, I had to cancel, due to myself getting a hernia injury in the gym 1 month prior to my jump. Finally, it happened! I took a vacation day off work this past Friday, and drove down to the Start Skydiving on Thursday night. I couldn't jump on Friday as planned due to cloudy conditions. So I got to stay on the dropzone with some of the jumpers and instructors! I have to admit, out of anyone who I've ever met, I think skydivers are some of the nicest people to be around. I felt extremely welcomed there, and everyone (for the most part) was insanely kind. I woke up Saturday morning, and finally got to complete my first AFF Solo jump. I didn't execute everything perfectly, but I had the strangest amount of confidence throughout the whole experience. I didn't hesitate at the door, and I was told I made a great exit and held a "stellar" body position.