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  1. Yea I know that will help a lot I'm afraid to think of what I'd do with my body out there alone. I was very tense in the air trying to remember everything. (y'know, turning - haha!) The DZ I was at has a windtunnel so I stopped by to spectate later on after my jump. People were doing amazing things in there. The ground training at this DZ includes 6 minutes of tunnel time too. I hope that's all it was. Thanks! I was mostly upset because it made me feel like on a jump where I wasn't strapped to someone I would just fly on my back until my instructor turned me around, pulled my chute for me, then watch me sail off into the sun.
  2. It wasn't that I couldn't find it I just couldn't budge it! I'm not that weak! (I don't think?!#!!) :) My first tandem jump was fun but I chose not to return to that DZ for other reasons.The one I went to this time was very professional and they also have a windtunnel so I think that'll be the place I stay. Thanks again!
  3. I feel like the TI did a great job, honestly. I did tell them I was thinking of taking AFF but wanted to do a second tandem for the reason I posted here. He kept me well informed about everything that was happening. Once we landed though, yea he was busy and there was another load waiting, and I didn't have a chance to really ask questions about what happened. He just said I should do AFF if I like skydiving! Well in a nut shell, don't. I still make mistakes, everyone does. Don't beat yourself up or dwell on your past jumps, your doing this because it is fun right? Keep that in mind, you did learn something from the jump, you didn't get hurt, and will do better next time. Thanks...I'm trying not to. The first jump was a joy ride and this one was a little unpleasant but I think that's important. Not being able to pull the handle is really bothering me though and my freezing up under canopy afraid to let go of the harness. What is that!? Gah! My right ear still feels funky. I'm going to give it a few days and if it's still weird to the doc I shall go! Hey thanks for your response!
  4. So I opted to do a second tandem instead of jumping into AFF. (The first jump was just so hazy I really felt I needed to do it again.) On this tandem we practiced some turns and the TI was going to let me pull and steer the canopy which was cool. But I felt so awkward in the air and at some point we were spinning...and spinning...and spinning...not just turning left and right. It felt odd and I couldn't tell if it was intentional on his part or if I was doing something weird with my body and he was adjusting to me being awkward in the air. There was a point where he clamped his legs around mine so I'm guessing my arch was possibly bad too? When came time to pull I fumbled around found the handle and could NOT pull it! I didn't have a lot of time to mess around obviously but I don't understand why I couldn't pull it! I'm not sure if I was just spaghetti arming it or just surprised at how much resistance it was putting up. I find it hard to believe it's just really hard to pull. Under canopy I wasn't nauseous this time but after leaving the DZ I was! That seems very strange. I had little to no anxiety in the plane ride up and jumping out - nothing at all like the shaky hands I experienced in the first jump. But this time under canopy I felt extremely nervous and I do not know why. I was afraid to move my hands from the harness but I managed and did steer the canopy some. The TI said I did a good job (is there a skeptical face?) and when I voiced my concern about not being able to release the chute he said that I was "getting it but we ran out of time and had other things to do." I don't think I was getting it at all! All in all I feel disappointed in myself. I know it was just a tandem but the little bit of freedom granted and I feel like I really messed it up. Is someone this scatterbrained ready for AFF?? I don't really want to fly to death. Oh and one other thing. My ears pop pretty easily in the plane and during the canopy ride but later on after I'd left the DZ they kind of clogged and it was painful to pop them and they clogged again and still feel kind of funny. Is that...normal? :) Thanks for responding to a newbie, skydivers!
  5. I'm visiting one of the two dropzones I've narrowed it down to that's about 3 hours away this weekend. Excited! Thanks guys!
  6. Hey there. I'm looking at dropzones to do AFF and obviously there's a big jump in price when there is a windtunnel available. My question: Is windtunnel training that much more beneficial? It seems like it would be but I have only had one tandem jump and don't really know anything. What are your experiences? It certainly doesn't seem like it could hurt. Is it worth an extra $200?