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  1. Fbwsol

    Downsizing Checklist

    Nice piece, great moves to practice if you're sure you want to (or really should) be moving down. I'd simply add that, unless you're downsizing to pursue specific performance flying aims, before making that decision also consider the increased flying speed a higher loading will generate, and the consequences of this in sub-optimal conditions. During normal DZ operations an upwind landing is a luxury, not a right, especially on some DZ's with changeable conditions. Can you safely land the smaller canopy down/crosswind, if you're dodging a dust devil or others in a busy pattern? God forbid, but how fast will you hit the ground if you give no input at all to your canopy? If you open and get a bag of cr4p, how much faster will things get ugly with your smaller canopy? What's the effect of this if you're in a wingsuit? Don't forget to ask these questions of yourself before you make the change. Don't be afraid to stay on your nice, safe canopy for longer (or forever) if the answers to those questions make you uncomfortable. And don't be afraid to stand up for your decision to be safer if you do - you may not laugh when some arrogant, big-swinging-dick 'performance' flyer goes in and breaks something in front of you, but you'll be glad of your choices..
  2. Fbwsol

    Apache Wingsuit Modifications

    Open wings out the door isn't necessarily a problem, depends on aircraft type - can anyone identify it?
  3. Fbwsol

    Apache Wingsuit Modifications

    Good job TS on quickly bringing in Squirrel's mod that finally makes these suits safer and (for the nay-saying "but I never had a problem" crowd, rightly or not) jumpable in drop zones where previously it was banned. Squirrel themselves outright state that they take the best features from other manufacturers, this is one of their own original inventions that all would do well to adopt in turn on their suits - it's a fantastic example of manufacturers innovating to push the sport forward together in safety and performance together, and should be lauded. Well done Squirrel, well done TS.
  4. The GoPro remote has always been two-way, allowing you to both set and view camera mode on the remote. You might want to adjust 3rd paragraph accordingly. Apart from that, thanks for the new gadget announcement.