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  1. Puerto Escondido does an Xmas boogie. I think it's run by Skydive Cuautla so you might be best off contacting them. There seemed to be a bunch of Peruvian jumpers there when I was jumping so they might be able to help you with that.

    I heard things about a small club in Guatemala but didn't find anything myself there or Honduras, Nicaragua or El Salvador.

    There's meant to be plenty of jumping in Colombia so that shouldn't be hard.

    In Bolivia they run a very small skydive operation out of El Trompillo Airport in Santa Cruz. I spent about a week waiting for the weather in Feb a few years ago but never got to jump. I'm afraid I don't have any contacts but if you ask around at the airport you might get somewhere.

    In my experience USPA membership will not be checked very thoroughly. Similarly insurance. I think you can usually get away with few photocopied pages of your logbook (but definitely check if you can!)

    Good luck with your journey!

    (And I'm still looking for places to jump in Argentina if you hear anything).

  2. Nicknero1405

    ******What are you talking about? Finishing your static line (420 euro) only allows you to do static line jumps right?
    And following up with AFF after your static line is 900 euro, coming to a grand total of 1320 euro. While AFF from the start is 1195 euro.

    Eh, no.

    You might want to quit giving advise to students about their course, and going against a (Teuge) instructor?

    Then please tell me sir, what do the prices on their website represent. And why would they list those prices if it doesn't seem to be true according to you?

    Of course everyone would think: "Gee, a student with only 8 jumps against a D licensed with 2400 jumps... I wonder who's right?" But I'm simply going by information I find on their own website. If that is wrong, then they should change that. Because nowhere they say anything about your AFF being free (Or well, normal jump prices) if you complete SL first.

    Maybe you're going by information that was relative to you 12 years ago when you started, and things have changed that you aren't aware of? I don't know...

    Are you sure you know what the difference is between a SL course and an AFF course? Do you know what each entails, what skills you will have demonstrated by the end and what each qualifies you to do?

    I may be misreading, but you seem to be implying that SL graduates would go on to do a full AFF course afterwards for some reason? I'm aware the Dutch regulations may vary from those in other countries but that sounds absurd and pointless.

  3. skydog

    My reply had nothing to do with mine or your time in the sport. It's a reply to your one line comment that the BPA doesnt encourage new jumpers. You couldn't be further from the truth. You show no evidence to back up your claim.

    It certainly does encourage brand-new jumpers but, to be fair (and not wanting to get drawn in myself), there are plenty of threads on UK Skydiver detailing the way the BPA discourages newly-qualified jumpers (at least, compared to other national parachute associations). It seems the main issues people have are with the FS1 requirements.

  4. sundevil777

    Nearly simultaneous punch on the handles is not unusual, I think. An RSL doesn't wait to confirm that both risers have released.

    I'm sure it's not unusual (I'll reserve whether it's wise for those more experienced). Mainly, I've never heard of this being taught for EPs.

  5. Surely another reason is that terts for intentional cutaways are usually used when the cutaway is performed with plenty of alti? By the time the main and secondary (reserve) have been cutway, there would be far fewer instances where there'd be enough time for deploying another reserve. It would also seem that the 1/1000 "multiplier" would be much less effective than for the first reserve since many of the scenarios where a normal reserve "fails" wouldn't likely to be fixable with a third parachute.

  6. maggyrider

    What I think is more disturbing is the emergency procedure itself. It seems like cutaway and reserve handly are pulled simultaniously (or the concerned skydiver has faster reactions than Lucky Luke) - in the video you can see the reserve handle already in the left hand of the jumper only fractions of a second after the main goes away or more specifically instantly after he moves his head down.

    I noticed that too and commented on the video. Doesn't seem wise or a recommended EP.

  7. skydiver30960



    The judge acquitted Dr. Karabus of the charges.

    An official in the prosecution’s office said the nine-member panel of medical experts had absolved Dr. Karabus because there was not enough evidence to support the charges.

    Still, Dr. Karabus’s ordeal is not over. On March 28, the prosecution said it would appeal the decision.

    Er, what?

    The gist, as I take it, is that the prosecution is admitting they lost the case, but has right to appeal. AND, it seems that (probably due to his being a foreign national or just an element of UAE law) that the MD is being held pending appeal rather than released on bond.

    This is quite usual in the UK (and I assume most of the common law jurisdictions that borrow heavily from our jurisprudence).

    I think you're all a bit confused about double jeopardy. Double jeopardy refers to restarting the whole process again once all legal proceedings are finalised. It does not stop a case being appealed to a higher court, as that is considered a continuation of the initial proceedings.

    So just as in the US you can have appeals to the Supreme Court, in the UK it's possible to have appeals from Magistrates' Court to Crown Court to the Court of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court.

    Having said that, I think by visiting Dubai you are implicitly accepting the moral implications of the overconsumption and exploitation as well as the approach to women/alcohol/drugs/etc.

  8. PixieUK

    Wow, I'd not heard of the plane rides before. Our dz seems to make the call early on students, perhaps to avoid that risk because the Caravan is very small - I wouldn't want to land in the back sitting on those little wooden benches with the door open, lol. Do your instructors stay in the plane too?

    BPA Manual Section 3, part 1.4:


    If for any reason a Student Parachutist does not jump, an instructor (who is not the pilot) must remain in the aircraft with the Student Parachutist(s).