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  1. Glad to hear your sticking with it. As stupid as it sounds, I'm terrified of heights and the first jump of the day always gets me wound up. After that.... smooth sailing. I think as it was said before, some are more scared then others. Anyone who claims to be fearless, is BSing or maybe a little too complacent. In my eyes, fear is a good thing..... keeps ya on your toes and I use it to block out everything else other than what's at hand. The exit is my favorite part of the jump.... for a few magical seconds, nothing else matters. Nothing that might of been going on at home or work or whatever else. I think after you learn to trust the gear and yourself, you'll find the exits to be as thrilling as the rest of the jump. When it comes down to it, what's the worst that can go wrong? We all gotta go, and I can think of tons of other stupid stuff that I did that should of killed me. If I go in, so be it..... but it sure isn't gonna be with the handles stowed! I can think of only one other activity, coupled (literally) with skydiving that would be a better way out.... but I'll keep it PG. Do it for you and have the time of your life! Sun, Fun, and Blue Ones Respect Existence, Or Expect Resistance!