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  1. they only open at 800 feet when they cant find the handle... From personal experience a "normal" opening altitude is realistic (depending on location and gear used).
  2. I flew my Tube 3 (yeah i know its a 2piece) with a Ka 107 at 1.8 (worked flawlessly) and I am now flying a Cruise with a VE90. Only about 100 jumps out of planes with that setup but no problems what so ever... I usually try to flare and pull out of a box-like position - rewards me with onheading openings every time. As always: ymmv;
  4. August has passed. Only 8 days left in September. Any news?
  5. since reviving the old thread in the general forum didn't bring any new info i thought i give it a shot with the specialists... i am looking for a way to topmount a cookie flatlock on my mindwarp. Although i know that bonehead produces a universal flat top adapter i'd prefer to use one of cookies flatlock adapters to keep the camera lower but i have no clue which one could possibly fit. so i was hoping that someone on here could help me out. greets Shiv
  6. i'm almost sry for digging out this old thread but i guess its better than getting flamed for not using the forum search back to topic: did the testing work out? and if, which one of the adapters fitted best? greets Shiv