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  1. Yes, you require an 'A' license to jump anywhere in the world, which is basically your AFF course, plus 15 consolidation jumps, i.e 25 jumps in total, assuming you pass each level with one jump. Looking at the packages available, the "Completion" package looks like just the AFF course. For your 'A' license, you'd have to go one of the next packages up. Give them a ring, I'm sure they'll sort you out. Don't take this the wrong way, but Go Jump! The older I get, the better I was...!
  2. I did the same thing. I hadn't done any tandems and went straight to AFF 1. I left it a few weeks to let the initial buzz wear off, but like you, i just couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm still trying to get my AFF 2 jump done, that's a story in itself... Best of luck! The older I get, the better I was...!
  3. Hey mate, Considering you're in Byron, why not check out Ramblers in Queensland. They offer both AFF and static line and are open 7 days and have onsite accomodation. You can do the whole course in 4-5 days. Best of luck whichevr way you go. The older I get, the better I was...!
  4. I'm 51 and started my aff course a few weeks ago. Like you, I used to race motorcycles and have a few injuries, broken arm. collarbones, and while there is some discomfort it is not unsurmountable. Do some stretching, take up Yoga, You can appreciate racing motorcycles we are very "hunched up", for skydiving we need to be the complete opposite! Best of luck! The older I get, the better I was...!
  5. I never thought I'd try skydiving, and like you, now that I have it's become an obsession. Good luck with the AFF! By the way, check out Namowal's blog, "Tail 'o' The Rat", there is a link to it in her post, it's brilliant :) The older I get, the better I was...!
  6. Sad but true. I wonder how many people make a living off famous people. Given that case, how many people have the Royal family to thank for their income? Do they generate more public funds than they consume?? The Royal family in particular are no doubt aware of the lengths that journalists and photographers will go to "get some dirt" on them. It sells magazines. It's a reality, and so is child poverty. Doesn't make it right or acceptable. The older I get, the better I was...!
  7. Congratulations on getting your "A", something for me to look forward to! One of my instructors just lost his grip as he tried to reach for me before we jumped. When I saw he wasn't there I just got back into the plane and rode it down. At least on the debrief I was told I did the right thing. My usual instructor had the flu, so didn't jump with me, but he was doing the ground radio. There were a few clouds that day, and he was peaking out a bit as he hadn't seen me come down and thought I was floating away somewhere above the clouds! All in all is was kind of funny. The older I get, the better I was...!
  8. Well AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall, so it may just be the same course. Given the AFF program ranges from 1 - 9 jumps depending on what country you are in (1-9 here in Oz), I can't imagine any program more "accelerated" than that. At the end of the day it's about jumping, not the certificate at the end. Good luck! The older I get, the better I was...!
  9. I'm an absolute newbie to this sport and make no pretense as to any great understanding of skydiving, but I used to race motorcycles and had some hairy dreams about brakes failing, throttle stuck open at 150 mph, stuff like that. So my thoughts are that we are engaging in a dangerous sport, and the dreams are perhaps a way of reminding us not to be complacent, as the consequences can be dire. I bet you checked your equipment more thoroughly, and perhpas took time to remember basic safe practices. In short, maybe it's just our natural survival instincts kicking in to give us a reality check. Perhaps after your next dream, just say "Thank you, message received and understood" My 2 cents The older I get, the better I was...!
  10. Never too old is right, wish I'd started sooner One of my instructors said to me that skydiving is a journey into yourself, I know exactly what he means. Happy jumping! The older I get, the better I was...!
  11. So is the concensus of opinion that if you apparently live off "public funds", you should therefore expect to have your privacy invaded by bottom feeding low life, for the enjoyment of small minded voyeurs? Maybe all welfare recipients should be made to pose nude and have their photos posted for all to see on the internet. Hey, we're paying for it right? Perhaps we'd all see someone we know... Surely the most pathetic argument for a gross invasion of basic human decency I have ever heard. The older I get, the better I was...!
  12. Thank you :) The older I get, the better I was...!
  13. I've just recently found this forum and thought I'd say Hi... Hi! :) My name is Andy, I live in Newcastle, Australia and I'm 51 years old, you think I'd know better than to jump out of perfectly good airplanes... I did my AFF1 2 weeks ago and it was pretty intense as I'd never done a tandem before and didn't know what to expect, talk about a leap of faith... The jump went well, I was pretty tense, but did everything right except remembering to wave off before deploying my chute...doh! I even had a perfect soft stand up landing, the gods must have been smiling on me :) I went to do my AFF2 yesterday, and the DZ was really busy. I waited around until 2pm after being there since 8am (time to get really nervous!), but finally got on the manifest with a couple of available instructors. The plane climbed to 14,000 feet and waves of nerves would sweep over me from time to time. My instructors told me to just relax, and remember to arch.. The door opened, 3 guys jumped out and I was next. One instructor, then the other climbed out of the plane, and I proceeded to climb out between them. I was outside the plane, knees bent, back straight. I turned to the instructor on my right to "check back". Lo and behold he was gone! I looked down to see him looking peacefully up at me as he fell backwards towards the clouds below...a mental image I'll never forget..he'd lost his grip. Nothing to do but get back in the plane and go back down...I think the plane ride is the worst bit. As the day was so busy I didn't get another chance, so I'll be back to try again in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the ramble, but who else really understands what it's like except those who have done it?? Thanks for reading! The older I get, the better I was...!