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  1. Hi All Well I'm selling my rig but I don't know how much to ask so I thought I would get a idea from all of you Javelin Odyssey Manufacture date 6-07 all stainless rsl and sky hook Icarus reserve size 169 Manufacture date 4-07 Main Sabre 2 150 about 600 jumps new lines 90 jumps ago Cypress 2 Manufacture date 6-07 Thanks for all your help Eric Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  2. Hi all I just want to say thanks again to all the people that have helped me. I have told so many wuffo's about what you all have done and they can not even begin to relize what kinda sport or life style you have shown here. I even end up speechless. So please if you send money or a jump or a card. I need your address and home dz I want to thank everyone that has shown me why I love skydiving and every perk it brings Blue Skies and Soft Landings Eric Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  3. Here I sit trying to think what to say in this post. For starters I feel proud to be a part of skydiving and all it's fun and glory. But one lesson I have learned is the kindness of you all. I know in the past I paid for a jump or two for people low in the cash fund. But this was for people I knew. I will always remember this as the greatest gift I have received and I promise to pay this forward time and time again. I never started this post to get money just to ask what I should do. Please if you send anything send me a address and home dz I would like to thank you personally Thanks All Blue Skies and soft landings Eric W Blair Sorry for all the bad spelling -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  4. Yes I gave the USPA the reserve that is in question With the instructions to do what they think is correct in this matter. As for the money I'm not doing this to get money. All I can hope in this matter is someone out there will not make the same mistake or get trapped in to making the same mistake(but if you want to buy me a beer at the fire or bar I will let you do that.) I will go and buy a new cypress and reserve and main if I have to but I will jump and if I'm ever at your dz and you hear the name Eric Blair say hi and sorry for your gear and then finish with so do you want do a jump Thanks all Eric Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  5. Hi All I'm going to send this small post out. To say thanks to all for your posts. I will be sending a larger letter later when I have some time to get it done. I have given the reserve to my USPA director and he is in contact with the person I sold my main to. When I know what they are going to do I will let you all know. I do not blame the dealer in this, nor do I believe I did anything wrong. I do blame the piece of shit scum bag who purchased the rig with a stolen credit card over 4 years ago. It hurts to be blamed and called things that I'm not. I will jump again. The money I lost is only money and I can get more of that in time. But I can not buy friendship or respect and that is what I started to lose as this was going on. Look at the good things that have happened. First, the USPA has updated their stolen gear list so more peeps can check on gear they want to buy. Second, every person that has read this has become a better seller or buyer of gear (ex. check re-check and check again any gear you are buying). Once again thanks to all and I will post a longer letter later. Thanks Eric W Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  6. ok everyone please stop the flaming on others and the dealer That is why I have not listed him I don't want this to be bad press for the dealer. I just want to do what is in my rights as I said before I will return the gear to the store if that is what my lawyer says to do(or the FBI) But it seems to me that if I do what the gear store wants I lose a main a reserve and a cypress(and left with a container only lets me do one more jump lol all I want is to jump have fun drink beer around a fire and some day jump with my kids) Blue Skies to all Eric Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  7. Thanks and blue skies to you That is very nice of you But the real problem is I'm now being treated like a thief, and that I don't like. I really hate the way I'm being treated when all I did was go on e-bay and bought a rig which I payed for with cash that I went to work and earned -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  8. Hi All Well just some quick updates I did not want to use the gear store's name but if you just say the letter I recieved trust me You would post the letter Trust me when I say I want to do the right thing But all I see is the right thing is going to cost me alot. So now I have been told the gear shop is going to call the FBI and I did send a e-mail back to him saying go ahead and call them and when they show up at my door or call I will give the gear to them at that time But till then I will contact a lawyer on Monday and see what my options are and what the lawyer says to do I will do. So it's pay a lawyer 500bucks for a chance or give it to the dealer and no chance Once again thanks to all Eric W Blair And please all use my problem as a warning and check and recheck all things you buy -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  9. Hi All Here I sit with a major problem. I don't know what I should do next. I don't know if I want to even skydive anymore. This problem is going to break me financially and emotionally. Two years ago I bought another rig on e-bay. This would be my second rig purchased on e-bay no problems with the first. Ok here is what happened. I found a low jump mirage g4 with a nitron 150 smart reserve and cypress 2. All for $4100 bucks. I checked the rigs ser# it was not stolen. Well I sent the money out and the rig was at my door stop 4 days later. I jumped the rig for awhile as this was my second rig. Well jump numbers started going down. So I decided to sell one of the rigs. I took the nitron and put it in my old mirage g3 and took my sabre 2 150 and put it in the new g4. I then sold my g3 rig to a friend at the DZ. Ok here comes the problem. I needed to get a repack and my 4 year cypress check. When it was sent in they did a standard background check. And guess what the cypress was reported stolen. Well my rigger checked on this and yes it was stolen along with the main and reserve. But the container which I checked to see if it was stolen was not stolen and was the only part of my rig that was not stolen. So I call the person who had reported it stolen over 4 years ago. (And by the way it is not listed on this site's stolen gear list or is it on USPA's web site) Ok here is another kicker for you all. The gear is not stolen but the gear store let this guy use a stolen credit card to purchase the gear. I guess someone did not call in for an authorization code. I sent a copy of the ebay stuff to the gear store along with a copy of the cleared check to prove when I bought it. So what do I do? I think I should get a lawyer (and I have no idea how much that will cost) because if I send all the gear back I don' think the gear store will help me find this guy. Also if the gear store gets their gear back and the guy who used the stolen card got my money, the only loser in this whole deal would be me. I bought this gear in March of 2006. If anyone has some back issue's of parachutist and can check to see if there is a nitron 150 160 smart reserve on that list because I don't even think this gear was listed at that time so how would I know if it was stolen or not. Thanks for all your help Eric -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  10. Hey Blue I love it now that is a shirt I would wear Hey all This is a design i did for the kids at the dz made 6 for sat and had to make another 10 for sunday Hope you all like them the picture I'm sending is in b/w for my screen printing Thanks and have a good day Eric Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  11. Hey scroad I love it and I love the other looks like we will be making more then one design Thanks -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  12. Ok so far someone sent me this saying which I worked a bit added the diver, clouds and dressed up the letters so what do you all think -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  13. Hi All Hey I'm looking for some fun t-shirt ideas I do screen printing as a hobby and fun made a ton of shirts and never charged anyone for them. So please send me some ideas and if I love it I will even send you 1/2 dozen shirts for free. Thanks and blue skies Eric -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  14. Hi This is just a question what is worse a dislocation or separation the reason i ask is i separated my shoulder(stage 3) a year ago in Jan I was back skydiving in the end of march of the same year. I went to PT did what the doc said and have had no problems Reading this thread makes me wonder if it will pop out again or rip Thanks any info would be great Eric W Blair -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)
  15. If it flys jump it and if it drives drive it Nice ride lol -------------------------------------------------- If your not jumping your not living LEARN TO LIVE (L2L)