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  1. My Vector V306 (black and olive green) has been stolen. Location: San Francisco / Bay Area. If you happen to find any advertisement or anyone try to sell this rig please contact me ASAP. Info: Container V306 serial 53677 Main: JFX84 white/black/green cells Reserve: Opt 113 Cypres 2 c. 631-464-3091 e. adiaz_lallanada@yahoo.com Thank you.
  2. I have about 500 jumps on my Katana 97 (wingload 1.7) and I want to move to a crossbrace canopy. I'm thinking to get a JFX89 or a Velo90 (wingload will be 1.9) so anyone who has flown both canopies could help me to decide which one is a better canopy. So far I've heard that the JFX has best oppenings than the Velo but the JFX dive isn't as good as the Velo. Is that true? Thanks for the help!