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  1. Your friend would be wrong - you should have gone for a Sony You will always find people gunning for 1 brand. In my opinion Canon/Nikon is the same thing, its just which ever one you chose first when you first started buying camera gear. I'm still keen to get myself the Sony A6000 though... Finally got a few jumps on my A6000 and am quite happy with the result. Even with the kit lens, the IQ is amazing.
  2. Sony is releasing some new mount options when they release the new camera this year. http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/actioncam-mounting-accessories/vct-hsm1
  3. trying using your foot to hook the inside of the door and rely on upper body a little bit more. I usually hold the door frame with my left hand and get my feet on the step before grabbing the handle. On otters and caravans it doesnt take much to hold on. I am 5'8 and still end up with "otter bites" once in a while.
  4. Sony makes a 35mm 1.8 on sale at adorama for $398 and a 50mm 1.8 for $248. The largest Sony zoom is 18-200mm but kinda slow at 3.5-6.3. The A6000 can go pretty high in the ISO so if you don't want to spend the money on a fast lens you should be ok. Might get a little noisy but should be ok.
  5. Finally got a jump in on the new setup here is a link to the video and the stills https://vimeo.com/115136461 http://imgur.com/a/Qgx2C#5
  6. Make sure all cameras are centered at distance (farther the better). Then adjust ringsight to match. For me the still is center of helmet so I match the ring sight to the still camera.
  7. nope the lens is the stock 16-50 that comes with the camera. I wanted to use the pancake 16mm but i could not mount the still without either having the camera canted to match the still, or have the video cameras in the still frame.
  8. here is the new setup finally finished, hoping to do some jumps with it next weekend.
  9. http://www.filmandvideolighting.com/cotech-lee-rosco-210-nd--6--06-neutral-density-2-f-stop-gel-filter-sheet.html How did you get the Hoya to attach? Too bad sony did not make front covers or Hard protectors tinted to slow the shutter but keep the IQ eta: I will try another test with the color set to vivid, maybe that might help.
  10. Here is a link to another post with a test video with ND filter http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4687819;#4687819
  11. So I got the Hard Lens Protector and a .6ND filter to fit inside. Here is a quick test video Sony AS100V 1080 30fps, color at neutral, steady shot on https://vimeo.com/113351212 seems to really cut if not eliminate the jello in the corners if anybody is interested in the filter its hard to find small amounts of filter usually sells in 4 foot squares. All you need to fit inside is a piece the size of a nickel. eta: I used a free vimeo account so the quality is automatically set to 720, the 1080 version is a little better, however this is some IQ loss from using the filter
  12. Mine was in the waterproof case, but i added some gaffers tape to keep it pretty snug. I ordered some ND gel as well as Sony Hard Lens Protector for Action Cam MFR#AKAHLP1. Ideally I would like to mount the camera without the waterproof case so I can easily remove and swap cards and batteries. Will post pics of the final setup as well as video for comparison.
  13. Here is a test jump I did with the AS100. The background at times seems to jello. The subject seems ok. https://vimeo.com/112448521
  14. are you getting any jello from looking down with the sony or go pro?
  15. how has nobody made a nd filter to replace the hard lens cover yet?
  16. From my small amount of tandem experience, the pic shows she has her feet up high enough for landing. With her legs in that position I would lean back as far as possible when flaring to get her feet higher if needed, or to sit her down and slide.
  17. If you need to "tap" your alitmeter, you have a malfunctioning altimeter that needs to be calibrated.
  18. Maybe, but one thing that I find strange is the differences in pricing for Skyventure vs iFly. For example, Skyventure AZ is $750/hour without coaching (quoted from the website, yes I'm aware that it can be bought cheaper.) iFly Denver is $825/hour. I don't know about maintenance or staff at AZ, but assuming it's equal to Denver, I'm curious to know the logic behind the pricing structures. Arizona is a 14' non recirculating tunnel. Colorado is a recirculating tunnel (not sure on diameter). This makes a HUGE difference in design and building. Also Arizona has been around much longer and is always booked due to multiple world class teams training and coaching there. Arizona is located right on the dropzone. Colorado is located in a municipal area, where rent and possibly taxes are much higher.
  19. I reply to you Mark, because I believe you have some Skin Art . . . I may be wrong. So my question is: If an entity can dictate clothing . . . can it dictate tattoos, or body art? If you are asking if an employer can make an employee cover up tattoos the answer is yes. If you are visiting a private business I believe the answer is yes also.
  20. I think she has good reason to ban those two individuals. Extending the ban to all Muslims is stupid, prejudiced, and ignorant. This. Though the lack of citizenship isn't a valid complaint. I've taken many Canadians to shoot at the range. Valid ID is a legit requirement, but they don't need to be citizens. That may vary from state to state. I was with a Serbian at a Florida gun range, and he was refused for not being a citizen. Not sure if it was legal on their part, but we accepted it. he coached I shot no problem.
  21. you do realize that you linked to a case that was heard in the 9th circuit, not a california court? I was replying to the post above. The original case was from California, that's why it goes to the 9th. My point is in Cohen vs. California the precedent was set that its your right to wear clothing with writing or designs. Now this school listed in the article I linked is able to remove the students rights to where clothing with the american flag. Sorry if i made my point poorly
  22. California can't even follow its own court decisions http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_26552046/american-flag-t-shirt-case-court-refuses-rehear
  23. I'm a little taken aback that you would support discrimination based on nothing but religion given your family history. "And when they came for me, there was no one left..." What I support is somebody standing up for their rights as a business owner. If it violates Arkansas law then well she doesn't have a leg to stand on unless she converts her business to a "club" that requires membership, then limiting club members would be easier. If you don't like the policy and its legal, don't spend your dollars there. Hell there are dz's I won't go to due to their policies.
  24. Fixed this for you. My whole family was shipped off from their farm to a prison in Utah. Never got their land back when released, they were forced to start over from nothing. ETA: As for the Range owner, good on her. Not sure about state law, but in CA the most retarded of states you can refuse service to a customer.
  25. the angle looks fine but you are a little high on them. If you try to close the gap you need to get more over the top. Without a suit you risk injuring the people below you. The screen shots provided are perfectly judge-able.