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  1. I love my blow switch from ultimate switch. However they do not work with certain cameras like the sony A series (have tried both a5100 and a6000). I have had great success with skysiwtches.com. They are flat bladed tongue switches (they don't recommend biting but I have a habit it biting mine gently and have had it over 6 months now). They are made to order so you can request a certain length what type of camera plug and switch cover color.
  2. When it comes to judging, what you submit is what you get, usually the camera guy knows right away if there is a possibility of a bust on exit or freefall. So at that point, you would go review the footage before submitting it for judging. Back in the days of tape it was easy to review the jump. Now, if your camera does not have a playback feature, you need a tv or laptop to review it.
  3. I use the Sony action cameras, with image stabilization turned on its very close to a cx camera with a .5 adapter lens. Just fyi its 170 degree view without image stabilization, 120 degree with.
  4. Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states
  5. most bailiffs are County Deputies, so they are standard LEO. However most in my area are the most out of shape and lazy of the bunch.
  6. Looks interesting, for fear of bad translation, I await information in english (being half japanese and unable to speak or read, I feel so american).
  7. curious what is defined as a "mass shooting"? Removing suicide by firearms, criminal on criminal murder by firearm how many murders or violent crimes are committed by firearms? How does that compare to the numbers of times a firearm has been used in self defense per year (which is hard to record due to not all instances being recorded)?
  8. history is often forgotten so here ya go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Athens_(1946)
  9. using the silicone sleeve sold on amazon. Its from china so it takes a little while to get here, its meant to fit without any kind of mount, so you need to trim sections to make it fit with a mount, which in turn makes the sleeve not the best fit. Still looking for a better option.
  10. Camera flyers may have some input on that??? 2 chops on rigs with skyhooks, no problems at all. If you think you might need to get gear clear before deploying a reserve I highly recommend redesigning your camera setup.
  11. love using 2 Sony AZ1R side by side, great results
  12. No hot shoe on the 5100, but so far I have not been in any jumping conditions that could not be overcome by the camera
  13. Sony A5100 should be at the top of any camera flyers list. Same focus speed as the A6000, only real difference is weight and slower FPS on the A5100.
  14. A ND filter forces the camera to use a slower shutter speed since less light is being allowed into the lens. I'll let someone else explain why a slower shutter speed reduces the jelly-cam effect. I'm still a bit fuzzy on that. bit fuzzy on it myself I just know it works. DSE would be the man to explain this. If I remember correctly its a matter of a few things coming together to create a perfect shit storm
  15. happens on a lot of action cameras too I believe its referred to as "rolling shutter". I solved it on my sony action camera by adding a 2 stop Neutral density filter in front of the lens.
  16. thats the one. if you plan on using the side bracket (which can be removed) you will need to mill down a lot to make it convenient to get the card. also if you plan to use a silicone sleeve around the camera, that will also need to be trimmed.
  17. i found a bracket on amazon that works perfectly with RRS mounts.
  18. really right stuff quick release with a mount from amazon, great results
  19. not quite how that works, terms of resolution are a reference for video not photos.
  20. I cut mine off to the man capris, I get plenty of ventilation
  21. +1 on the moto cross pants. $30 off ebay durable and comfortable.
  22. really right stuff makes a very nice mount. They do not make a plate specifically for that camera, however there are very nice ones that will work on amazon.
  23. don't believe there is a 6100. I think you are referring to the 5100. I have both the 6000 and 5100. The 6000 is great but the bottom loading card can be a problem depending on how its mounted. The 5100 has the same super fast auto focus, side loads cards, and is lighter. Just about the only thing the 6000 does better is it can shoot around 11fps while focusing every shot, while the 5100 only shoots around 5-7 fps while focusing every shot (which is usually more than enough).
  24. Never said he was killing. But if he was, and he was killing the right people, he'd be hailed as a hero, not a mass murderer. Because he's a soldier in a war zone, his rights and responibilities are different than a civilian back home. Are you saying that you shouldn't have that right, or that any American should be able to go to Afghanistan and kill people with impunity? Suggesting an American goes to Afghanistan and kills with impunity by default suggests he as a member of the Military is doing so.
  25. maybe check the mental health of every person at a bar or pub to see if they intend to drive while intoxicated. Better yet remove their keys and driver's license as soon as they cross the threshold of the establishment.