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  1. Wrote to UPT. They confirm that a Pulse 150 will fit the 308. Did not specifically say anything about whether it would be full fitting or standard fitting. You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  2. Sounds like others have done it. I've seen the chart, as I mentioned, and am questioning a discrepancy. Thanks all! You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  3. Looking at possibly trading in my beloved larger Mirage for a trim Vector 308. Purpose: wingsuit. Can anyone comment on fitting a Pulse 150 into a V308 with an Optimum 126? I'm flying that size Pulse now and would rather leave more room to play in the downsize direction. It's weird because looking at the sizing chart I'd think a Pulse 150 would fit as "full fitting" but instead they have a Pulse 135 as full fitting alongside a Sabre 135. Which isn't the case with any of the other similar-sized canopies on the rest of the charts. (In case there happens to be any sidetracking on wingloading: in my case, don't worry overmuch about wingloading. I am plumply small at 125lbs and can do whatever I want... within reason). You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  4. *waves* Hi dthames! Yeah, that was me. That friend who broke the pelvis. No surgery. Super awkward call, but my folks turned out to be more worried than upset. My dad actually laughed in disbelief, I think because he didn't have any other expression that didn't involve a lot of scolding. For reference, my parents are also very conservative people, in their personalities, socially, and culturally. And yes, it really was 95 jumps and a fracture in a country not my own before I said anything to them... good thing I had good people like dthames to take care of me. And travel insurance. I did eventually mention that I would be back in the sky when I was all healed up. And I am. Feel free to PM me with more questions.
  5. Were you under 25? They tacked on a $18 fee per day because I'm young and reckless, apparently. To keep the car for the 9 days I'd need it, I was looking at about $400. Blech. One-way drop off is $45 extra fee on top of whatever it is for the daily rental. It cost more to rent it one-way from the airport ($120) and the cost Z-hills to airport one-way is $95. You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  6. Copious amounts! That's what about beer! Carbonezone is the best!
  7. At the witching hour? I want to live long enough to jump! Yes, coming in about midnight on Boxing Day. And I will definitely look into renting a car at a different rental location to see if I can cut costs.
  8. This short Canadian is coming to Zhills this December! :) :) :) EXCITEMENT. Getting from the airport to Zhills? Less excitement. Does anyone know of any cheap ways to get to and from the drop zone? Some notes: I am arriving and departing in the deep of night, so daytime options won't work for me, but please do still suggest them in case they work for someone else! I already called manifest and asked for a ride. I was directed to a for-hire service that quoted $100 each way. :/ Not super enthusiastic about that. I have a business account with Enterprise that will allow me to do two one-way rentals for $215, which will ALSO allow me to drop by the Walmart and buy a tent and sleeping bag and swing by Orlando the day after I arrive for some theme park fun. Unless there's a cheaper way into and out of Zhills, I'm leaning towards this option. Because, seriously, Universal Studios! Any ways to/from Zhills for less than $150 round trip though? (That is the price that would make the option worth it for me, personally, but others may have different standards. I am also considering renting a car for the whole duration....) You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  9. Update! So I started with the loose rolls, but I found they made for a very sloppy looking packjob (admittedly I have slow, inefficient, struggle-buggy packjobs) and not much difference on the time-to-open. Slider placement does appear to give a faster opening, but I value my spine too much to really put the slider towards the rear, on the stops or otherwise... a little shift towards the rear gave me a faster perceived-time-to-open. Unfortunately I can't be accurate about the exact distance because I don't have any electronics. I'm getting less nervous about the long openings, though... not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. Thanks for your help, DZ! You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  10. I'm under no delusions that I track like Superman... lots of altitude to bleed while aiming for that horizontal separation is fine by me! You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  11. It could be increased situational awareness that's making me think the canopy takes longer to open... but the canopy is pretty new to me (I've put
  12. You're right, I am thinking about rolling the tail. I'd imagined that portions of the nose ended up in the roll, but actually thinking about the packjob clearly reveals that it doesn't (or shouldn't). I have been using lots of small tight rolls on the tail, so on the next job I'm going to try some loose rolls. I don't want to have nasty short hard openings, just to open closer to the 800 feet side of my 800-1000 foot opening rather than the 1000 foot side. So far the closed end cells have been symmetrical or symmetrical enough to be good to me so that I open without a spin. Had line twists once, but that was definitely body position, because I remember twisting a little to look behind me as I realized I was tracking away from the landing zone. You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?
  13. I'm jumping a Safire2 149 and loving it, but it takes a lot of altitude to open! I don't have an electronic altimeter, but on the last few jumps I'd peek at my altimeter after the canopy was inflated and I'm pretty sure it's taking somewhere between 800-1000 ft to open up. (Once I was already in the vertical position and looked up at only three inflated cells. It's really cool to watch it open up, but I'd rather have inflation than faith). Anyway, I'm no expert, but this kind of alarms me. Most people at my DZ pull at 3500, so this inches mighty close to my personal hard deck of 2500. Any tips on packing a Safire2 to open faster? (Not HARDER, I like my gentle openings, just in less altitude.) We pro pack only at my DZ... I don't want to be the noob who tries psycho packing and eats the dirt because nobody can watch me to make sure I'm doing it right. A perfunctory search turns up something about not rolling the nose. If you don't roll the nose doesn't the canopy fall apart when you're trying to get it in the bag? Edit: Also my end cells seem to be squashed closed all the time and it makes me nervous and squirrelly because what if the snivel is too long AND I have asymmetrically closed end cells AND I'm low? You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?