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  1. ^^ Wouldn't have gone up had I known the jump would be so low. Then I blame adrenaline for jumping when I saw exit altitude.
  2. Just the other week. Got my A license, and my friends wanted me to do my first licensed jump with them even though it had gotten cloudy. There was a ceiling at what we thought was 4000. We decided we'd just go do a hop and pop, when we got up the celing was at around 3000, so we jumped out at 2800 on my first licensed jump. I remember looking out of the plane and being like.... I basically see squirrels and s**t on the ground. Just sucked it up and jumped got stable immediately and pulled with no issues. Granted many people have done lower jumps than that, but still being new it was quite the rush!
  3. I just bought a new icon rig that included a Pilot 168 main. The previous owner only jumped it about 35 times and had let it sit the past couple years. After taking the canopy out it was quite wrinkled from sitting so long. Makes for quite the difficult pack job, any advice on airing out a canopy like this after its been packed so long?