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  1. I live in Los Angeles but travel to SF a lot for work so I'm able to jump anywhere in between. I have family in San Diego so I could always mix the trip with a few good jumps!!!
  2. I live in Los Angeles, but travel to SF a lot so I am able to go anywhere in both Northern or Southern CA! Thanks
  3. California, thanks for clearing that up!
  4. I'd love to get in more jumps but I can't really afford it. Does anybody know where I can buy discounted jumps in California? Is this even possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi everybody! New to the world of skydiving here. It's been almost a year and I have 25 jumps under my belt! Where are your favorite places to jump in CA? Favorite companies? I would love to experience new trusted DZs and who best to ask but my fellow jumpers?! Thanks for all you input!