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  1. PinoyPhil


    Infinity's customer service and products are awesome!!! For starters, the design app on their website is sick. It was incredibly easy, and the price updates immediately with every premium upgrade selected (many of the important feature that every skydiver wants/needs come standard), so you know exactly what the cost will be (other manufacturers design tools are either rudimentary or over complicated compared to Infinity's program). Nicole Fulk, Director of Sales & Marketing (she's important), was awesome, taking time out her busy day to answer any and all of my questions and helping me make important design decisions so that I would have the features I needed to get the most out of my new rig. She also kept me abreast of my order status during production upon my request. Infinity beat their deadline for completion of my order, which was great; (epic use of a semicolon, glad the college education is finally paying off) I've had some issues with other skydiving gear manufacturers missing deadlines, so this was refreshing. There are three other people at my DZ who have received their new Infinities in the last couple of months, and I am here to tell you, "My experience is not unique!" Finally, performance! Amazing!!! My container is incredibly sleek in design for my conservative main/reserve size (wingsuit specific system). The hackey is easily accessible at pull time even with a wingsuit (kind of important), and as far as the mesh back pad and leg straps, I feel like a king sitting on his thrown under canopy (you want this option, trust me)! The black stainless steel, although not a performance option, is something that I would suggest you get especially if you have a lot of black in your rig. I want to add that everyone comments about about how badass it looks. Some people even want to touch it, but other than myself, no one else, except my wife of course, handles my hardware. On a serious note, I purchased this harness/container system as my first Velocity product based solely upon the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. I purchased it with the idea (however unrealistic) that I would use it for the rest of my wingsuit career. One thing I know for sure, when/if I ever replace it, it will be with another Infinity.