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    My rig !!

    Congrats on the rig! Such an awesome feeling owing your own rig..kinda like owning a condo or house. Nothing sinister about this question, but would you be interested in doing a reverse wingsuit rodeo with me? Just asking.
  2. Not gonna lie,,i do it for the ladies
  3. I do hope innocent individuals aren't harmed in the fire, but as a whole, yeah, fuck Dubai. Just out of curiosity, why the hate on Dubai? I mean, there's a bunch of youtube vids out there of happy skydivers going to Dubai to jump out of buildings, planes, etc. Dubai seems like the mecha of skydiving, base jumping, and debauchery, no?
  4. Hell no. My job (i cannot say where i work or what i do because of a Nondisclosure agreement i have in the entertainment business) means i'm up and about morning, day, and night. Let's just say i'm involved in the latest and future projects with WB DC Universe.
  5. Well, you know me,,i'm making a B-Line straight to that bunny ranch where Lamar Odom was caught slippin.
  6. That's a total win for human inginuity. i'm so down to try it. But why is the water "brown"?
  7. Muff (nice name by the way) check out the flicks "Focus" and "Wolf Of Wallstreet"...Margot's in it....instant fall in love. You can see Jaime Presley in the movie "Dead or Alive"..another great flick with hot chicks!
  8. crush of the month has to go to the one and only, Margot Robbie. Just saw "wolf of wallstreet" and can't wait to see her in "Suicide Squad" as Harley!
  9. Hmmmmm,,,looks like i'm still banned on the "Introductions and Greets" section
  10. Ego sum latin, means "I Am Back"!!!! What's been going on everyone?!!! I do miss everyone on here! So just an update, as you all remember, i work in the entertainment industry...but because of an active non-disclosure agreement and because i also skydive, i cannot disclose what studio i work for or the specifics of any projects/movies i've been on. Let's just say end of year 2015 and summer 206 will be an awesome time to go grab your popcorn and head to the movies. So what's been going on these days? Newbies still looking for advise on forums? Normiss and Skymama doing alright still? Any new prospects on the site? Forgot to add, i'm looking for a few DZ's i can jump at in the summer that hold record boogies...any recommendations?
  11. Glad all is ok..but there goes some pilot's career Pilot(s) might have some luck finding a job flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.
  12. well,,looks like Kings won't be winning any trophies any time soon now.
  13. god damn those suits are sexy!
  14. The Kings could be burned out by playoff time but i think last year's show proved the Kings have the endurance and fortitude. Western Conf. Finals, Kings vs. Hawks....Kings in game 7 Finals. Kings vs. Pens...Kings in game 5
  15. I dont think i can post a picture, but i'm manscaping..continuation from the other day. I call it "The Lion's Mane" cuz it looks like, well,,,a Lion's Mane.
  16. I don't think i can post a picture, but I hate manscaping down there