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  1. fvdwerf

    The RSL and Skyhook Debate

    Hi Andrew, thank you for adding to the debate. There are good points made. For me, it also raised questions on the wingsuit part. 1) How is the risk of main/reserve friendlyness connected to flying a wingsuit? (And would you felt the same about disconnecting it if the rsl was a MARD?) 2) What is the personal preference of Scotty B coming from? Besides the pros of no rsl I also see cons: A wingsuit can (but should not) make it more difficult to reach your reserve handle. A wingsuit also adds stress and complicates a stable (reserve) opening, especially for beginners. A cutaway with a rsl often gives too much time for body rotation/tumbling, but not enough for stable flight, (hence the criticisms on the rsl) but does this apply to a MARD? I see three advantages of using a MARD. 1: less time for your body to tumble around and give uneven risers while opening your reserve. (fewer line twists?) 2: less chance of not finding your reserve handle, be it because its inside the suit, or because someone just fought a twists and unzipped their armwings. 3: fewer loss of altitude. Off course a sensible choice in pull altitude, canopy chioce, wingsuit fit, and attitude should prevent these scenario's, but there are many pilots (like yourself) that end up in a reserve ride at some point. At that point, given the scenario that you don't have that much time to recover and gain control of your wingsuit, wouldn't a MARD be a safer choice for wingsuiters?
  2. fvdwerf


    The spectre is a great (wingsuit) canopy. I flew a storm135 before, but because of the steeper trim didnt't like it that much. The spectre gave me better openings flying wingsuits. Pretty much all are nice on heading soft (and not too long) openings. If an odd twist would occur, it feels more stable then a storm, which would like to dive a lot quicker than the spectre (ymmv). Because of the trim its also easier to make it back from a far spot. It's a lot of fun to fly, but don't expect to win swooping competitions. The storm does that a lot better. (but still a 7 cell) so if you want to swoop, get a 2nd canopy. Highly recommended. Also, PD offers great costumer service. Which is a big plus. (review is from 70 flights on the spectre 135 loaded @ 1.5)