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  1. Thanks Trigirl, Lakes Wales looks also nice :) But why not Perris? We are still looking to find something in SouthAmerica. Unfortunately, we didn't get an answer from Skydive Cuautla yet. If anybody has a contact, we would be really grateful if you would send us a pm...
  2. Yeah, Z-Hills is great, but we've been there quite often, especially my girlfriend... Any thoughts about Perris or Sebastian? Although we would love to do something more "exotic" :)
  3. Thanks aerialfx! The desert boogie is definitely a must, but does not really fit the travel plans this year... Any other ideas in case the Mexico boogie does not take place or is already fully booked (please nooooo!!)?
  4. Thanks grimmie, that sounds awesome! Does anyone know if there will also be a boogie in 2015?
  5. Hey there! As flights from Europe are already getting expensive, my girlfriend and I are currently planning our winter holidays and we would love to join a boogie somewhere nice and warm for christmas/nye. Does anyone already know about a boogie to recommend, preferably in Middle/South America? Other places like Asia or Australia would also be of interest