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  1. Well it was YOUR coaching that made it all possible AM
  2. 1:4:1 1 License requirement card sent into the USPA
  3. Andy you look great !!! (Don't want ya to feel left out again ) Seriously, you two are gonna make it, I know it. I've never met two people more perfect for each other!!! Congrats!!
  4. Had the most perfect day yesterday for October in Northern Illinois. Could be worse Hooked.....could be raining AND be stuck in the house with a
  5. Wow!! Cool pics!! I was about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I just sat on the ground and watched others go up. Something about my center of gravity not being the same....Dude, those just stirred up a bunch of old memeories. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I have a 1st and 3rd grader and through the last couple years it's kinda depended on the teacher as far as homework goes. My 3rd grader hardly ever has homework, my 1st grader has it 3 out of 5 days atleast. A weird thing my 3rd grader's techer told the parents...if your child has any problems with any homework....DON'T HELP HIM/HER?!?!?!? She said to send it back to school with a note so she can teach them the right way....I just thought it was a little odd....
  7. Amen to that!!! I've just taken on that approach myself. No sense in worrying about what others do, unless it directly affects you. But I'm a much happier person now. Or maybe it's just because I've decided to change my life to what I want it to be. We're all in control of our own lives!!!
  8. Dude, maggots AND a rat.....that is worse. Found another one put one in my laundry basket of got washed and dried!!!! For the record here, I don't live in some mouse infested The farmer just picked the beans behind the house which seems to drive them in for a couple weeks!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!! Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!!!!!!! I just talked to the girl I'm buying it from today, she says she has had ONE mouse in the last 8 years that's only cause her son brought one in....THANK GOD, this whole horror is almost behind me!!!!!
  9. I think the both of you are very lucky!!!!! What an acheivement, CONGRATS!!!!!
  10. He's one of those country boys so he just got up and threw the mouse over the fence into the field. No drama, He just kinda joked about it with me later. Me, I would have probably had a heart attack, no joke Can you imagine actually having one of those in your hand?????????
  11. This was just too funny to keep to myself, I thought yall might see the humor (or horror) in Yesterday my daughter (she's 6) came home from school and the cat brought her a dead mouse. So she goes to wake up her dad and he apparantly wasn't in a hurry to wake up (He works 3rd shift). So she tells him to put out his hand, he did and SHE PUT THE MOUSE RIGHT INTO HIS HAND! !!!!!! He said it felt like a gummy worm or something like that and didn't think much of it and when he looked there was baby mouse dead in his hand!!! I only think this is [email protected]#$ING HILARIOUS because it wasn't me, but it was him so IT IS funny (sorry, but it was!!!)....that'll teach him not to wake up when she tells him to ..lmao. You know how demanding those 6 year old girls can Hope yall are having a great, mouse-free week!!!! Within a month I should be moving into my new Condo which I'm sure will not have near as many mice since it's not 10 feet from the corn/bean field that I have now!!!
  12. LMAO!!! Ditto here. However the JM that helped me get over a certain hurdle got a Guiness at the end of the day.
  13. You'll get it, it takes some time. I always faceplanted on all of my jumps til about 5 jumps ago . Then all it once, it came to me. But that doesn't mean I won't face plant or fall on my butt again. Good luck!
  14. My first attempt at a backflip looked more like a corkscrew/tumble or something manuever It wasn't pretty. The JM just wants to see you get unstable, then stable. Don't sweat it too much. You'll do fine!