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  1. 10 years ago i would clearly chose the cypres but today the vigil2 is a good product and i hate to send away my cypres after only4 years. its a little bit like amd and intel when it comes to computers, both make good products and its your choice if u want to support the market leader or not, i will buy a vigil2+ this year another thing is what happens to all the cypres aads after their lifetime? there is this deal with 100euros off when u order a new cypres and send your old to them, i wonder which components they take out of the old unit to reuse in the newer models, since many sensors and chips they use arent produced anymore today.
  2. The pilot got soft openings jumped one a few times and loved it, im just a big fan of 7cells in general no matter how lazy u pack em its allways like falling in fethers. But the pilot is fine dont worry ! Yeah i bought my liftpass for the winterseason when i was in rehab to motivate me, but i tell you it was alot of pain but thank god there is apreski ;) a jagrtee combined with a 1k paracetamol works wonders (dont copy that) another thing i noticed early the season since its more cold its more painfull, now i know what my grandpa was talking about...ughhh good comeback!
  3. lost my third vertebrae and also got a plate with rods and a steelcage i was able to go snowboarding just 4 months after the two operations. coming back to skydiving, i struggled alot from packing and sitting inside the airplane, the jumping and landing itself was no problem but i would suggest a easy opening 7cell ;) now many years later i still struggle from packing but i learned to deal with it. wish u a good comeback ! no pain no gain ;)
  4. haha great video that realy made me laugh, cant understand why there is so much anger in the comments? yea its a fake but its a funny one, next one please groundland a wingsuit on a bellyskateboard. thanks
  5. i bet your question is the most asked in this forum... i would suggest jump more, jump different dropzones so u can try out different canopys. for example: think about 50 jumps later you maybe want to go into CRW than a storm would be handy.
  6. how does it work? when are u "allowed" to remove the belt? just after takeoff?
  7. OUCH ! why the hell do they use seatbelts? to be honest ive never seen anyone using them before.
  8. depends on what u want what i love about my old solo is the factor that i never need to think about it, just leave it inside the helmet. you can set 3 alarms and on the way up the device starts and gives you an acustic feedback this feedback changes if battery gets low and you know its time to replace it, its just simple and good. but if you are looking for a hightec toy with logs and stuff this would be the wrong device.
  9. i think there are two coin of people the ones that feel nervous for a long time and the ones that get used to it very quick, you could count yourself as lucky because if you stay nervous you stay concentrated automaticly and the whole thing stays on the safe side ... i did catch myself on some lazy points allready because im used to it allready if youre into sports that are more dangerous than skydiving you will get automaticly used to it very quick, because of the huge safety aspect of skydiving. just enjoy the extra amount of adrenaline u get one day u will miss it !! ;)
  10. they told me later that most people that pass out after such an impact do it because of a shock and this shock is realy dangerous. and yeah the bodys own drugs are amazing but the morphin was fun also! ;)
  11. the seconds before the impact are like minutes afterwards it realy slows down somehow, when i had my impact the first impression wasnt pain but getting back air into my loungs to breath. then my first thought was hej not that bad im alive lets stand up, uh ok that wont work i cant walk anymore seems like there is some stuff broken, the pain started some minutes after and increased till i got some morphine ;) bet i was highter than the helicopter i was sitting in.
  12. it realy does look hell of tight if u ask me, im packing a storm190 also pretty new and my pod doesnt look like that. im not sayin its impossible to pack it but u wont get happy also, maybe trade that spectre for a pulse same size that will pack much easier. what rig u got what containersize?
  13. its just such a big topic this whole downsizing and "dude whats your wingload" - another funny one is "why do you jump a 7cell" last weekend on another dropzone a guy serious asked me why i jump a boring 7cell, so for many people downsizing and going into high performance canopys seems to be the only reason why they jump. for myself the whole canopy flying stuff wasnt that important and i doubt it will be in future, because i got my plans why i jump a larger 7cell canopy. since downsizing became mainstream im planing upsizing to a 280 troll instead !
  14. brand new pd-storm in under 5 minutes , damn im proud sorry for the thread revival its a bit dusty here
  15. hej i know that guy, he teached me how to pack my pilot chute nice vid and thx for that pilot chute vid u made some years ago, i bet u safed alot of reserves and lifes with it !