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  1. The odds are he'll rot or get killed in an altercation.

    And personally, I respect your statement that you've got a moral issue with it and couldn't convict. You've got guts enough to admit it, which is less than most people have.

    He probably will die before his "due date"...death row is such a scape goat, people have been sitting there for years. But I'm a 50/50 on the death penalty, so I can't say if that's a good thing.

    Thanks, I would hope others would do the same if they felt the same way.

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    Was this really a fare trial by which he was convicted based on concrete evednece? No.

    You must not have a high opinion of Geragos. It seems, according to most, that it was a fair trial.

    And your "concrete evidence" statement is a pretty twisted pun.

    Understand that, in a legal standpoint, circumstantial evidence is all that is needed. The jury found that, given the evidence, no reasonable inference other than murder could be found. Are there other inferences? Sure. Plenty. But it seems that the jury did not find it reasonable to think Satanists kidnapped Lacey...

    As for Gergos, I don't really care about him. He said himself he thought Scott was a lying bastard...crazy how you can defend someone who you think is guilty (but that's his job I know) So it's not about my opnion of Geragos, it's about the trial itself.
    Circumstancial evidence can and evedentally will get someone convicted, but my thought is if it were me and I was being sentenced to death and I didn't do it (as it has happened soooooo many times in this country of ours), would I think I recieved a fare trial?

    Lucky I wasn't on the jury, I couldn't have convicted him, even though I think he definately did it. Moral issue....
    And as for your oh so educated statement "But it seems that the jury did not find it reasonable to think Satanists kidnapped Lacey".....your lack of an educted answer just degraded your entire credibilty in this posting.....

  • Although I truly belive that Scott is GUILTY, I've been struggling with my view on this entire process...they convicted him on "circumstancial evidence" and have now sentenced him to die....The lawyers have even said that there's no clear footprints leading to Scott's involvement, but all the fingers point toward him. Was this really a fare trial by which he was convicted based on concrete evednece? No. But does he dserve it in my book, yes.

    As for the conviction, I say let him rot in jail, with no hope, no way of escaping. Let him have eternity to stew over what he did.


  • If anyone has any pics from Chick's Rock boogie, let's see them! It was an awesome boogie! It was so nice to see such talented women in the air...we truly rock!
    Thanks to all the boys that supported us (not that they don't always) but it was nice to hear them yelling "Chick's Rock" as we exited the airplane!

    Until next year! :)

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    1. Alchemy
    2. Anomaly
    3. Guano

    It was amazing to watch all the teams work their magic up there! Every nationals I go to, they inspire me more and more to compete myself. What an amazing sport we are in and how lucky we are to do what we do...

    And not to mention how damn sexy they are ....

  • Anyone know what the dates are for next years WFFC? What an amazing time! Also if anyone knows of where pictures from around the dz can be found that would be great too!
    Thanks, Alana