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  1. acgreen92

    Freak 2


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    Less than 100 jumps. Made for 6’4” height and approx 210lbs All the upgrades. Rubber booties. Been sitting in a closest for about 3-4 years. Always been climate controlled. Excellent condition. No stash bag included. I’m located in Orlando. Willing to ship at buyer’s expense. It has never been wet and never in sand.


  2. Time Left: 11 days and 13 hours

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    Icon I5 Container, all the upgrades except hip rings. Perfect for freeflying or wingsuiting. 168 Pilot ZPX (~280 jumps, newer lines with only 100 jumps) No patches. Top layer still in excellent condition. 160 Smart Reserve (2 rides, last repacked Oct 2020) Cypres 2 AAD (last serviced in 2019, will need 8 year service) Quick stow D bag Squirrel Snatch pilot chute Harness was made for 6’3” 210lbs DOM: 03/2014 Left the sport a few years ago and never go back into it. It’s been sitting in a air conditioned closet for the past few years. Always very well cared for and main was always inspect during reserve repacks. It’s never been in water or sand. Zelle Preferred Located in Orlando. Would prefer to keep it in FL. Willing to meet at local dz’s such Zhills, DeLand, Sebastian, or Miami.


    - US