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  1. Stopped by and measured by Tony himself. 3 weeks later, he had my 2 suits ready for pick up. The suits looked great! They fit pretty lose and didn't think much of it. After a few tunnel rides, the inner seam on the pant leg blew apart. I patched it to save the trip up to Zhills. 2 jumps later, the shoulder seam and left wrist seam blew while the leg opened in another spot! Took the drive up there and they took the suit and repaired it (out of warranty) at no charge. The lady was a sweetheart and seemed kinda embarrassed that their product failed. She re-measured me and 2 weeks later, everything was ready for pick up. Everything fit A LOT better. She made brand new pants, but only repaired the top, which seemed kinda weird, since now the two pieces are totally different shades. Kinda let down about the product, but got EXCELLENT costumer service. Hope they can get their QA/QC program down.