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  1. Love this! I always ask, "Do you want to pull?" After all, some could care less. But those that pull either (a) seem to have a greater experience "Hey, I got to pull the chute!" when they blast it on Facebook, or (b) end up coming back to do AFF (or even a second tandem that day). Plus, I love instructing, so it gives me an additional pleasure on top of an already fun skydive. I've gotten the biggest high-fives and hugs from people that want what we should be doing, instructing our students! Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  2. NWFlyer is right (and one awesome lady to boot!) - camp on the DZ if you can. Half of this boogie is the post-jumping festivities and you will definitely miss them if you don't hang out. Free beer, bonfires, and good friends! As already stated, the nights can get a little chilly since we are in a valley surrounded by mountains. I would recommend either a cold rated sleeping bag or, just bring a couple extra blankets. If it's your FIRST Prairie, come enjoy the whole experience! Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  3. That is very unfortunate. Believe me most instructors are NOT like that! Don't let it discourage you. If the DZ won't either (a) get you a new instructor or (b) talk with your current instructor to get him to change how he acts, then go to a different DZ. Sometimes I drive past DZ's to get to a DZ that is just fun to be at. You should learn at a place that respects you! Have fun and stick with it, alas with a new instructor Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  4. I work there all summer. Just give us a call and we can let you know what's going on if you're up here! Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  5. Uh oh, don't forget about depreciable property used in a trade or business!!!! READ: As with everyone else - seek expert tax/legal advice. It is a complicated mistress...which is why people get paid a lot of money to navigate these issues. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  6. All year folks! And it looks like this boogie may have an extra surprise or two for everyone AnalMike Happychick & Jim Monkycndo NWFlyer TallGuy SuperDean & Stephanie Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  7. Bozeman, MT used to allow jump operations on their very busy towered airport. We stopped jumping there when they told us essentially somewhere between 11:00 am - 2:00 pm was too busy with commercial traffic to jump. Just easier to relocate 30 miles away to a much calmer, non-towered airport. BUT they weren't too bad to deal with, a lot of us knew the tower guys personally, and invited them on tandems to keep the relations positive. It is all about maintaining that relationship with the tower guys. They are people just like you and me, making and keeping them as friends makes it very easy to have an op on a towered DZ. As for procedures, we regularly jumped while other VFR traffic was flying around. They always waited until we opened before releasing traffic to ensure visual separation but it all went fairly smooth! Hope that helped somewhat. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  8. Some DZ's as a policy could require you to be an LLC but filing a 1099 under your SSN is in essence the same thing (paying somebody as an IC and not as an employee of the DZ), there are just legal differences that have been discussed above (i.e. potential to be somewhat protected from lawsuits seeking to take your personal assets). If someone sued you and you didn't have some type of corporate protection, then they can go after your personal assets much easier than if you do have some type of protection. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  9. Andy9o8 has already said it, but the conversation continues somewhat down this path. Creating an LLC, or an S-corp, or even signing a contract that states "I am operating as an independent contractor" likely will not hold up in your state. Check with your lawyer that is licensed in your state...generally courts look at, and the IRS sure does, HOW you actually operate and not how you SAY you operate. Big difference when you get sued and think that you're covered because you have a contract that says you are an IC or you created an LLC "so I'm fine." Don't let anyone not licensed to practice law in your state convince you otherwise, including all of us here! Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  10. Yes and yes. Give a shout if you want to come out and I'll try and let you know what the schedule is. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  11. Yes indeed we are. Plane is getting some maintenance and we should be jumping soon! Just in time too as the weather is finally stabilizing to summer. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  12. dbcooper and Deb drdive Ladydiver madjohn monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd rafael wmw999 Szky and Jeanne AnalMike Never miss one. Especially with all you scumbags around. Can't wait! Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  13. AnalMike

    2nd jump

    Which, of course, is what I do when I skydive around you Monkey! [inline skydive.jpg] Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  14. I had my first skyvan ride down this weekend. I had a tandem student with me and the weather was a little iffy, with clouds moving in fast. We were hoping for full altitude, but I was ok with going a little less. By the time all the other jumpers got out the plane had settled to 6,500. I made the decision to land myself and the student in the plane. I didn't know what to expect on the ground but I knew darn well I wasn't jumping a tandem that low. DZO said "good call," everyone else was smiles and high-fiving for their jump...the student was refunded his money and all was good. Just depends on the DZ you're at! And yes I am well aware that I owe beer and happy to pay it for that one! Also, very cool sight picture landing with a tailgate open over a sea of trees in the mountains. Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!
  15. Couldn't agree more! After all, my schnoze was the deciding factor in my sizing - an XXL! Best helmet I have ever bought (thanks Krisanne!!!). Anal Mike HEE HAW!!!