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  1. HIYA, SQUEAK! Hey, man! When did you make it through to your "A"?!!? How's it been going? GOOD? Looks like it must be-Your aiming to be a STYLIN'
  2. Ya know it really is pathetic that ya gotta be so ?idiotically?cautious and careful about anything ya say, question or share because there are those out there so willing, ready and able to really stir things up and cause trouble. Isn't it the FREEDOM- to take risks,have fun,explore,adventure,really be ourselves- that draws us skydiving? Thanx Chris and Michele for your encouragement. It really DOES mean a lot to me.
  3. Airhead

    aff 7

    Sounds very cool, Squeak... So, are you finishing up AFF? Or do you gotta do a re-do? I'm lurking and reading all the upper level AFF questions/posts hoping to maybe learn something and maybe encourage my fellow students, too. Hang in there dude!
  4. Unfortunately, Talk about certain DZs and my experiences and some problems.....has gotten me a lot of angry reactions from my first DZ. This was NEVER my intent! They claim that I have bashed their DZ. They're even advising posters/viewers of their DZs website to search out my postings here to prove this is really so! Advice from what I've learned from my experience in The School of Hard Knocks: Don't Mention Name(s) Of DZ(s) or Individuals If You Have ANYTHING To Say (That Could Be Even Remotely Considered) Unflattering. Obviously skydiving can be extremely political and sensitive! It looks like I've been ostracized. There are even hints/threats to "black-list" me! I am feeling extremely sad that things have gotten to this point. And frankly, being at a stall at AFP Level 5 and waiting for Level 6...I am confused about where to go with my skydiving training. I am very isolated from other skydivers and DZs in my state. I feel that most of the encouragement and support that I have recieved has come from this site and the friendships that I am developing thru here, too. HELP! PLEASE? I need mucho encouragement!!! Thank you all very much - Lila.
  5. You're a very helpful fellow aren'tcha?! Thank you very much from all of us who needed the extra help & info... -
  6. It's already really cold here...I'm not thru student status yet anyways, so may not be anymore jumps for me til spring..So this winter Movies, reading, Fri. night swimming @ a university's indoor pool AND introduce sleeding and skiing to (ME and) my daughter. I haven't skied in years because I tore up my left knee in a car-pedestrian accident quite a while ago...and consequently have "lost" my Posterior Cruciate Ligament! Supposedly (3 different experts have told me that)I can do whatever sports I want- as long as my quads & ham strings are strong. But it is more wobbly then the rt. knee... I really miss it & look forward to doing it again!
  7. I'm one, too! Welcome. You're new aren't you? I'm not a member of that association, yet, but would like to be. Really gotta check into it...But I'm really not very techno or computer saavy!
  8. Unfortunately I'm in the same situation as you my friend. I've been waiting to get in the rest of my jumps- and looks like cold weather is here to stay... So continuing with my AFF training HAS TO BE PUT OFF util next Spring for me too. But there does seem to be a lot of ways to going about it. Enough said - See Ya
  9. I get ya. I think... Things have been weird for me lately...Like have YOU ever felt like lurkers might be spying on ya? Just waiting for ya to say or not say something....?! Yeah, I know. Can you say PARANOID?! But really!
  10. >...16 vessel virgins...< I think it's referring to ships that have yet to set sail?
  11. That IS it!! Exactly. I think on a subconcious level what it is, is that you KNOW how it's gonna probably turn out already- But it's the thrill of the pursuit- of wishing to "win" someone over that's exciting. I think this is often simply CLASSIC of people in their 20's. You just need someone mature enough, or at least acts that way! to really dig ya for who you are. Let's dispense with the Players and Games. Let's be real. Heaven knows I DO try to be!
  12. Investing $ seems like a tricky situation anymore! Me, myself am just a littl' ol' poor girl, so THAT is not an issue for me, BUT last year my Dad lost over 50% of the money that had previously been made in his investments over 4 decades! That must of hurt pretty bad...But my Dad has a lot of class and seemed to handle it pretty well... Good luck to you!
  13. Airhead


    WOW..."Very deep", man! So are you an arm-philosopher, and perhaps an Existentialist, too? Personally, I'm in agreement with Muenkel. I believe in God and an after-life. What we do DOES matter. What we see is never all that there is anyways. At the risk of being cliche': IT IS like ripples on a pond- or movement caused by the wind. An interpersonal version of Einstein's "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..." No matter who/what/where you are, YOU DO MATTER, and each of us is important and of value.
  14. Top of the Morning to Ya! Here's an All-American-Girl saying "HI"! Ya do know, some of us actually get some beauty-sleep ZZZZZZZ's in the wee-hours of the night! Come On and post back my friends. Whatcha doin' AND/OR What SHOULD you be doin' right now?