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  1. HIYA, SQUEAK! Hey, man! When did you make it through to your "A"?!!? How's it been going? GOOD? Looks like it must be-Your aiming to be a STYLIN'
  2. Ya know it really is pathetic that ya gotta be so ?idiotically?cautious and careful about anything ya say, question or share because there are those out there so willing, ready and able to really stir things up and cause trouble. Isn't it the FREEDOM- to take risks,have fun,explore,adventure,really be ourselves- that draws us skydiving? Thanx Chris and Michele for your encouragement. It really DOES mean a lot to me.
  3. Airhead

    aff 7

    Sounds very cool, Squeak... So, are you finishing up AFF? Or do you gotta do a re-do? I'm lurking and reading all the upper level AFF questions/posts hoping to maybe learn something and maybe encourage my fellow students, too. Hang in there dude!
  4. Unfortunately, Talk about certain DZs and my experiences and some problems.....has gotten me a lot of angry reactions from my first DZ. This was NEVER my intent! They claim that I have bashed their DZ. They're even advising posters/viewers of their DZs website to search out my postings here to prove this is really so! Advice from what I've learned from my experience in The School of Hard Knocks: Don't Mention Name(s) Of DZ(s) or Individuals If You Have ANYTHING To Say (That Could Be Even Remotely Considered) Unflattering. Obviously skydiving can be extremely political and sensitive! It looks like I've been ostracized. There are even hints/threats to "black-list" me! I am feeling extremely sad that things have gotten to this point. And frankly, being at a stall at AFP Level 5 and waiting for Level 6...I am confused about where to go with my skydiving training. I am very isolated from other skydivers and DZs in my state. I feel that most of the encouragement and support that I have recieved has come from this site and the friendships that I am developing thru here, too. HELP! PLEASE? I need mucho encouragement!!! Thank you all very much - Lila.
  5. Just called down today and talked about that (too) with the DZO, Lynn, a skydiver chick isn't that cool!?!
  6. I've been talking to people on the website here & at the 1st DZ I trained at (gotta check out if this new DZ'll be willing to do this TOO) about JUMPING THRU THE COLD WINTER MONTHS HERE IN THE NORTH. Amazingly some DZs stay open to the possiblitiy to make jumps runs during those freaky-warm days that'll occur IF they have enough people come on down to the DZ to do so. Guess Ya gotta call around and find those hardy DZ souls that do plan on doing that! Even if I finish AFP before snow falls, I'm seriously looking at jumping the remaining jumps thru the winter to keep current and get my A-License. Sunshine & (Cool!) Blues to Ya - Lila.
  7. Good tips, 'Chele! Yeah, I'll try to remember to relax and smile...THESE last 2 levels #6#7 DO sound like LOTS OF FUN- So hopefully smiling won't be (?) an issue for me
  8. FINALLY gonna make the move to different DZ to finish up my AFP... I am VERY ANXIOUS about the move...I do feel good about the JM - he was the JM that worked with me at the other DZ for my AFP levels 1-3. BUT I am nervous about the DZ, equipment, landing area, aircraft, etc. - BUT I think I will be jumping from a 182 and I AM FAMILIAR with those. *WHEW* I'm hoping for a break in this overcast Michigan weather so that I CAN JUMP and make at least the next level #6...and move closer to getting my A-License. I NEED TO JUMP THIS WEEKEND! This JM & this DZ are more than willing to work with me...And it's been almost 4 weeks since I was last able to jump! It's all the "unknown"s that are rattling my cage! Is this common? What should I be doing, thinking & checking out when I get to this new-to-me DZ?
  9. It is really reassuring to understand the WHY of learning a particular technique. And I actually DO understand why I need to learn how to do the front and back flips and barrel rolls, NOW, too. THANKS everyone for your sage & experienced words of wisdom!!!*SIGH* I think that there may always be something new to understand and learn... SO, what exactly is meant by maintaining aircraft heading?
  10. Haven't been able to get in a jump since the end of Sept! Looking to change to a different DZ this weekend & finish up my AFP there. My 1st AFF JM is working outa there and is willing to schedule his availability (unlike someof the staff at my current DZ) to help me
  11. Here is another student lurking and taking notes...Thanx for the very good tips!
  12. The gears are being put into motion...I'll (probably?) move on! So I guess it's about the time to check out the other DZs w/in driving distance. Thanx... See Ya! -Lila.
  13. Hmmm... Don't think that HAS caught up w/ the DZs where I'm training yet. I'll check into getting trained in doing those though. Thanx. Sounds like FUN! -LILA.