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  1. quite possible. Few questions:

    How big is the property? Specifically, what kind of distances between the camera locations?

    Do you have an internet connection at the location? If not, is there a possibility of getting a connection, or at least 3G cell service?

    Landscape, mostly flat, or lots of hills? Will the stations have line of site to at least one other station?

    Does each camera location have power? If not, is the weather good enough to give you sunlight at least every third day?

  2. My fracture wasn't quite as bad, but still a tib/fib fracture (xray attached). I got it in mid june, Surgery June 19th, and was back in the sky mid September a few days following the 12 week mark. Given that you also had a dislocation, and could have had more advanced soft tissue damage than I did, you may end up needing to wait till January. It helped that my orthopedist used to skydive (rounds), so he was more aware of what I was likely to go through on an average jump than most. I also did a little tunnel time in an ankle brace during the "walking boot" period, just to brush some dust off.

    My advice would be to make sure that both your orthopedist and physical therapist are well informed of the stresses that your leg / ankle will be put through during a jump (both good and bad), and to only start jumping after you have been cleared to do so. Informing my therapist about skydiving, and the stresses it can put on the body, helped me a lot during therapy. She focused on the strength groups I would need to launch an exit, run out a landing, etc, and because of that I felt much better about being in the sky on that first jump back. On that note, if you are in the Chicago area, and need a physical therapist that is "skydiver friendly", let me know.

    Good luck with the recovery!

  3. I don't frequent, so my filling out my profile has never crossed my mind. But not to worry, I'm happy to share.

    Down Winder: Yep, done it on my current canopy a few weeks before the break, no problem. Came in from a long spot and decided to downwind it to make it to the DZ. Winds were 5, gusting to 8 or 9 that day.

    Wing Loading: 1.05 - 1.1, depending on how my weight fluctuates and how much I'm wearing (winter jumps = more weight). On the day of, it was about 1.05 under a Sabre 1 150.

    Jumps: about 100 logged. Around 130 actual.

    Winter Jumps: I live in the midwest, and love jumping out of a Cessna into some snow. Done it every year. Up until the injury I was never uncurrent in the 3 years holding a license without ever making a trip down south to a more 'comfortable' jumping climate.

    Desk Job: Business Owner. On my feet all the time, unless it was 2 months ago, and then I was on crutches, all the time. This did not help with the recovery, but unfortunately was necessary.

    Being ready to jump: My Doc cleared me to jump. He knows that's how I got the injury, and was honest about the fact that there will be pain for awhile, especially during impact activities. His estimate was somewhere between 3 months and the rest of my life. He used to skydive himself, so he knows whats involved with a landing. Surgery was recommended, but optional, so the break wasn't *that bad* (pics attached). I've done about 5 jumps after being cleared, and all have been fine. Running out the landings haven't been a problem either, and at phys therapy I routinely run a mile as a warm up. All in all, I feel quite ready to get back to the sky and my ankle is strong enough to take a bad landing if need be. Just wish I could point both sets of toes and not have one look like its being lazy.

    Regarding my landings / injury. My landings have always been very good, and my canopy is super easy to pilot. The day of I was jumping at a new DZ, didn't think the high winds would cause so much turbulence in the landing area (or they picked up after takeoff, who knows), came in, and about 10 feet up I felt like I lost a lot of lift all of a sudden (down rotor maybe?). On account of that the flare was late (but there), and my ankle landed in a shallow hole bending it back and sideways. Other ankle made it out unscathed. So, it really was bad luck and not be being a dumbass (this time.. I'm not immune to dumbass-ary from time to time, albeit less now that I have a business/wife/child/etc).

    I'm not really looking for should you jump or should you not jump. I'm more interested in: If you had a ankle break yourself, how long did it take you to get back to 100%?

  4. How long did it take you to recover, and did you eventually get to 100% range of movement? If so, how long did it take?

    I broke mine mid-june (turbulence + uneven ground is a bad combination). Had surgery to put it back together, and am now back in the air and jumping again after being cleared to do so. I have an "acceptable range of movement", but not what the other ankle has, and I still have some moderate pain from time to time. I know a lot of jumpers have had similar injuries, so I wanted to put the question out there to see what others experienced regarding recovery.


  5. Very much agreed to check with your doctor first. If he says its healed, then go for it.

    I have a 1 1/2 year old boy as well. I skydive (well, I will once my ankle heals up). My wife is also supportive, even after my 3 month recovery, so its certainly something that can be done while married with kids. Here are some tips from another skydiving dad:

    1) Makes sure your life insurance pays after a skydiving related incident. Not all plans do, and if it does, make sure that amount is enough for your family to clean up the mess and get a stable footing for the future.. I know that skydiving can kill me. I also know that life will eventually kill me. I know that with everyone txting and driving, that'll probably be what kills me first. Either way, I want my family to have enough money to pay to have my dead ass disposed of, and pay the bills for a year until other means of income can be sourced.

    2) Don't do anything too crazy. Don't go looking to get yourself killed, or worse. Don't start pushing the envelope (hook turns, swooping, etc) until your damn sure you're ready to. Skydiving is by nature dangerous, but still quite safe comparatively to say, getting on the highway. But that doesn't mean its a good idea to drive with your foot on the wheel, hanging out of your sun roof, and drinking a beer. Likewise, jump conservatively, and don't downsize before you're ready to.

    3) Very much personal opinion - Don't let everyone that says "but you have a kid. you should stop skydiving" get between you and jumping, or any of your dreams for that matter. If it makes you a happier, better person, then go for it. I'd rather raise my kid where he sees his father accomplishing his dreams than setting an example of "status quo is as good as it gets"..

    Good luck / Blue Skies!

  6. I'm loaded between 1.2 and 1.25 on a Sabre-1 150 depending on what I'm wearing, and time of year. Its still a bit small for my experience level, but I feel safer with the heightened responsiveness in the toggles compared to a 170 or 190, even with the increased speed.

  7. So, I have a Javelin J1 (DOM 1997), which has been great. Ever since I got it though, I wondered if the reserve flap would tend to pop open in a freefly (sitting position) with the bottom edge not being tucked in. Anyone have experience with this, and whether or not it behaves well in a freefly environment? Just curious..

  8. Quote

    But the 1 thing about this sport that still scares the hell out of me, is walking thru door of my house when i'm done for the day and having my wife ask how much I spent

    Haha, Win!

    I use the "potential future career" excuse.. We'll see how long that lasts me though.. That or just don't leave the dropzone.. You get to keep jumping and avoid the whole conversation in its entirety.

  9. Both Para Gear in Skokie and Para Concepts in Ottawa are very nice. I just picked up a G3 from Para Gear last week, and was able to try it at the store. I'd hit either of those 2 companies up.

    I also think CSC has a pro shop, but they may be closed for the season along with the dropzone. Not sure.

  10. Hey All,

    Question for the masses, think a Pilot 168 ZPX will fit into an older model J1? I have a J1 with a Sabre 150 in it (WL 1.2), which I'm quite happy with, but I'm thinking I'd like the option of a slightly larger canopy from time to time.. Thoughts?