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  1. I was just down there a few weeks ago and the dude told me the same thing, 1 jump a week. It wasn't worth the drive to me. They fly out of San Jose and land in Jaco. Thats an hour and a half drive. I had my wife with me and all the driving wasn't worth it but maybe you could jump and your buddies meet you down at Jaco. Also they only have 2 rental rigs. a Safire 2 119 and something like a pilot 260. Doesn't seem legit enough to bring your own gear. Good luck I would've loved to make a jump down there.
  2. Hi everyone my DZ is throwing a Welcome Home Boogie for me and some friends that are returning form a deployment to Afghanistan. It's not a very big DZ, we only have 2 Cessna 182s and we're trying to get more people to come so we can get a bigger plane, meet new people and get some sky! Its going on June 14-16th. If you're going to come please visit the Facebook page link below and hit that your going so we can see how many people to expect. Thanks - Blue Skies
  3. I know you said their opening are unpredictable but are they hard like Sabres or just weird and of heading? She said its Flight concepts. Is it a 7 or 9 cell?
  4. My friend has a Ariel 150 from Flight Concepts and I'm thinking about buying it. I can't find any info on it though. I understand its an older canopy and ZP but that's it. Anybody know/heard anything about this canopy?