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  1. Yes he responsible 100% for himself. Whether he had the camera or not this would have been the same incident. He may have had the camera "hidden" in his glove but I do not believe that nobody at the dz saw this. He was clearly showing it to an instructor or coach on some of his other jumps on Youtube. Honestly though we are all adults and because jumping a camera isn't an actual rule there is nothing anyone can really say. Sure if you're the DZO or S&TA you can ban it from YOUR dz but if another doesn't care then that's their business.
  2. No probably not but that still doesn't change the fact that he is allowed to jump a camera at 30 jumps. There is no "regulation" in place, just a recommendation. And really the camera had nothing to do with this incident, it just let us see what actually happened. If he wasn't wearing it all we would be doing is speculating, atleast we get to see what happened.
  3. There is no actual rule only a recommendation but a DZ can enforce the recommendation if they choose. Some do some dont. People are going to do what they want. I'm worried about the jackass jumping a canopy way beyond his ability than I am about someone with a camera.
  4. When did the Postal Service start doing skydiving recommendations?
  5. +1 I wouldn't give money to anyone if they didn't try covering their own ass.
  6. A Mr Bill with a naked women (or man if you're into that). This way after you finish you can just drop her 1000's of feet, way better than kicking a women out of your bed :)
  7. Really? Yes it's been self regulated but it doesn't really work all that well at a lot of dz's.
  8. Well if that's the case that is pretty shitty. Another reason to own and maintain your own gear.
  9. Probably happened after he hit the dirt. Sometime between cutting the rig off of him and inspection.
  10. After reading that report it is quite possible that he will try to sue and claim that the worn out gear was the cause. Although anyone with his "training" and "years" in the sport should have known how to inspect the gear Unfortuntely this is a very sue happy country and people get away with ridiculous lawsuits all the time.
  11. he's looking for attention, who is going to sue? Himself for being a dumb ass?
  12. Quick answer is you're not ready and doing 20 jumps a year you probably should stay at 1 to 1 forever. Do a search, this has been discussed to death (literally) a 1000 times.
  13. Mr_Polite

    DZ sacrilege

    Which all begs the question: What is the purpose of all this? Purpose? Man, you're on Dizzy dot com! There IS no purpose here! The main purpose of is to prevent people with less than 200 jumps from using go-pros.
  14. Looks like a student, if so bad job on the instructor for not doing a better gear check!
  15. I had a video guy freeflying around us on an AFF jump, at 7K he was head down and ended up crashing through us. The jump was perfect till then and he funneled all of us. If you're flying video the jump isn't about you and your free flying skills, shoot the video and stay out of the way.
  16. Mr_Polite

    DZ sacrilege

    Ah yes because an AAD will save his life
  17. Mr_Polite

    DZ sacrilege

    If you really believe this maybe you should talk to him before instead of just waiting at the dz for him. What if he goes to a different dz?
  18. Wings and beer. That's all you need.
  19. I hear the Seattle area has a dz like this. You can jump a canopy way too small for you, fly a camera early and post videos about learning to swoop on youtube.
  20. Digitals fail way more than analog! Batteries die, people fuck with settings, wear polarized lenses and you can't read a digital, screens crack, ect...