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  1. My Chief Photographer had me play with a model similar to that, but meant for ENG style cameras. It hardly used any power compared to the Anton Bauer style 3.2k lights that are common in ENG. The dimmer was great. The biggest downfall i could find was the power cable plug that came coiled wanted to pop out all the time and it didn't fit very well in our camera/gear racks in our vehicles. Color wise it was great to have daylight balanced light without screwing with filters. Having the LEDs put out enough power to use as a small fill during the day was a bonus as well. Matt
  2. I bought lock washers and locking type nuts with the nylon inserts that snug up the bolt/machine screws when they get tightened. Do a search of quick releases on the forum to see some of the different kinds. Matt
  3. For the record I didn't intend to offend anyone by my last post by saying people were complaining... maybe i should have used the word 'lament' instead. Matt
  4. It's funny how i've heard videographers complain about mailing DVDs to customers when I haven't heard a complaint from any of the people I've mailed video to...
  5. He mentioned it to me when I was down there last weekend. I wish I was free for the camp. Especially for the seminars and that the discounted jump prices would even out the fee for the camp from what he said. Matt
  6. go to your local boat supply place or look for a fibre glass/carbon fibre kit online. Matt
  7. make sure you're looking for a D70s. it has the remote port built in or else you'll have to have a D70 modified with a port. Matt
  8. lol... no not all barons are in the middle east, but they seem to get the most of my cash... or at least make me feel the worst about giving them their $$. banking barons should be second on my list for all the interest I pay.
  9. think about the layers like a sandwich one goes on top of the next with the audio channels being the bottom layer of bread, video layers in between and any graphics ('titles' or 'supers') being the top layer of bread. matt
  10. very nice. Fair & Honest review
  11. Most of the world's gas prices are set by a group of oil barons in the middle east already Lack of competition there doesn't matter, but it is a 'standardized' way to set cost to the consumer. Matt
  12. Chuck, You could always just do what Larry, Joe & Carol already do... Use a Mac and iMovie or Final Cut. That way people on the DZ can talk with each other and help out when problems arise. If you want to go PC. Get a sony laptop with vegas on it to edit. just my two cents... Matt
  13. Jimmy, i just read a quick review of the EX in POST magazine. it seems that this camera and format are the future. i really like a lot of the advantages of shooting daily with XDCAM for the last few years. Matt
  14. I don't believe you sound like a dick, real or otherwise... i believe there was some restraint shown by you guys in not turning the discussion instantly into a flame-fest as i've seen on before. matt