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  1. I stopped in here a few years ago. I know sorry for the late review, I had right between 100-200 jumps at the time. It was a great little DZ with a beautiful view and incredible people. I'm a country boy and to find such an inviting rural small town DZ was a real treat. I had to hit and run with a hop n pop but they made it an enjoyable experience. I was digging through an old logbook and saw this little hidden jewel in there. They deserve a great review. I would say the only Con was the Cessna 206 but I come from a Cessna DZ so it was a little slower than ours but not as bad as some I have been on. The people make this place though by far.
  2. I know this is an ancient thread but when I saw the title I couldn't resist. This happened on a good friend's 300th just before he went to the Army. I caught it in the door just before the count started and didn't get no!!! Out of my mouth fast enough.
  3. I started jumping here in April 2015 after they had a boogie attempt that fell apart. I came out and met the owners and the rest is history. They are an incredible couple of people that we love like family. The fun jumpers were few and far in between early on but they have built an incredible DZ and the people have began rolling in. We have an awesome group of fun jumpers from the region and there is no tandem that takes priority. They just want people to have fun and treat everyone like they are the tandems. This place should be a mecca of skydiving in the coming years.
  4. Richardhcsg15

    The Stall

    See Brian's Website he has a book that really breaks it all down. "The canopy and it's pilot" I am an A license and started reading the free online download preview last night. He is an awesome teacher. Very good buy!
  5. I love this DZ. I can honestly say they have a very loyal customer base. We would all do anything for Packing Cathy. That woman makes anyone want to skydive, she is a remarkable woman that you can depend on to be smiling from ear to ear every time that door opens. Come out and jump.