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  1. I think you'll find that the industry effort is directed at fixing the "rapid charging is bad for batteries" problem instead of the swapping problem.
  2. Just watching that video is more uncomfortable than my first AFF exit. This completely triggers my fear of heights, they are nuts.
  3. If it's Trump vs Clinton I'm voting I figure that's a better choice than not voting and I can still vote for fiscal conservatives in the other races.
  4. Coverage varies regionally. In Texas AT&T has much better rural coverage than Verizon (The coverage maps seem pretty accurate for both). Verizon has better coverage nationally, but I would spend a few days a year in dead spots with them, and my AT&T service always works.
  5. I lost one 10 year old nephew a few years ago. My Sister in law didn't need space, she needed as much love and support as the family could offer. I cannot imagine the pain your family is going through. My deepest condolences. Now to go check my smoke detectors again... My house has 9 ionic that are interconnected to alert us, 3 more photoelectric and 2 thermal sensors connected to a monitored alarm. I usually think it's excessive, but now, not so much.
  6. My North Dakota relatives would say the cold keeps the riff raff out... Think that could be a factor?
  7. I got my rig repacked after it sat a while. I mentioned to my rigger/instructor that was about to do my recurrency jump that I was going to do my 3 ring maintenance and was told she had just completed it as part of the repack. Perhaps I should have thought to have the discussion, but at least I was on the side of caution. The poll didn't offer enough choices. I' probably do it every 45-60 days, so more than once or twice a season, but not every 30 days.
  8. Good point. It's also important to stress that local and regional elections are very important. It's sad that turnout for city elections is usually less than 15%.
  9. I will probably end up with an R vote, but Jim Webb would likely be my first choice at the moment. Kasich is my 2nd choice. Any of the current front runners will cause me to toss my vote to a 3rd party. But thanks to the electoral college, my presidential votes doesn't really count from a solid red state.
  10. Class A misdemeanor (up to 1 year in jail) here in Texas, Sec. 46.13.
  11. My understanding would also be that mileage to and from would never be deductible unless it was to someplace other than your home DZ. I am not an accountant or lawyer, so their advice should be considered.
  12. I have read that one is correct, but I learned two and am making no effort to change. It's just reflex now. At least when I have a real keyboard and I'm not on my phone.
  13. The person filming was an idiot. I don't care if he's not an adult. A 16 year old is probably more dangerous than most adults. Now how it got from jaywalking to that... Not surprised given the way youth tend to react to authority these days.
  14. The batteries will help if you don't have net metering (such as in the deregulated areas of Texas). I don't have solar now, but typical setups in my neighborhood allow you to sell your power for $0.04 and buy it for $0.08~0.10. If you do have net metering (such as in Austin) than you have zero incentive, but other rate payers are subsidizing your solar.
  15. chedlin

    Broke my butt

    I bruised mine on a bad landing (A wind gust knocked me over on top of a late flare), it took about 6 weeks to stop hurting, so I know it was bruised and not broken (takes a year or more!) I didn't seek medical attention, but seriously considered it. Everything I read said that they don't do much to treat it if it's fractured.