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  1. DcloudZ

    For Laughs

    HAHAHA thank you you're exit was very nice! but you're attempted back flip (I think?) was hilarious!!! You'll want to give yourself more momentum next time, pull your legs in to your chest and bring your arms in across your chest as you through your head back (your body will follow) all that in one fluid motion.
  2. DcloudZ

    Synergy 135- hard openings

    Ahhh yes... I see your problem. It's not made by performance designs
  3. DcloudZ

    At what elevations you set your audible?

    Break off, opening, hard deck
  4. DcloudZ

    wraping and tightening the tail center

    Keep the slider at the stops, prevent an out of sequence deployment, and slow down the opening
  5. DcloudZ

    Freefly Suits

    Are you aware that LiquidSky just recently cut their lead time in half? I have nothing but good things to say about them, absolutely love my suit!
  6. DcloudZ

    Tandem Ownership Thoughts

    How good are you at managing money? I would assume that some people may purchase the tandem rig and consider the extra money per jump as profit when in reality it needs to go towards the ammortization of the rig and the future maintenance. I'm sorry but I don't really have an answer to the other questions. Just thought I'd offer food for thought
  7. DcloudZ

    talon rig pack volume - im confused

    Based on the screenshot you attached, the fs2 holds a reserve with a 350 cubic in. pack volume and a main with a 350 cubic in. pack volume. A PD Optimum 160 has an approximate pack volume of 330 cubic in.
  8. DcloudZ

    First Full Rig

    You're going to want to get a strong tandem system with a 330 main. Ask your instructors why
  9. DcloudZ

    Tandem in progression

    Hey! You there! Wait a minute, before you start your solo progression which gives us relatively low profit, please complete 3 tandems
  10. DcloudZ

    Optimum vs PDR reserve for a sub-par newbie

    I've always put importance on having a reserve that wouldn't kill/severely injure me in the event that I can't control/flare it (Unconscious/paralyzed). Let's be honest, in the best conditions you could easily and safely land either of those reserves; you need to be thinking about the worst case situations. Note: I don't have any experience under either or any reserve parachute. *(Pro packer/God-like body position on opening)*
  11. DcloudZ

    Freefly Suit

    Was in the same situation as you toward the end of last year. However, I wasn't sure whether to get an RW or a Freefly suit. (I was a student and wasn't working while in school.) I spent a lot of time looking through the classifieds on here as well as other used gear trading sites. Couldn't find anything that would fit me + had colors that I would feel comfortable in Long story short... I quit school, got 2 jobs and bought two brand new custom made suits I bought a TonySuit Pit Special and a LiquidSky Speed Lunar. Should be receiving both of them fairly shortly just in time for the new season
  12. Breathing in freefall should be as natural as breathing while on the ground. If you had to concentrate on breathing it may be likely that you were taking too big of breaths and that you experienced an oxygen "high". That's the only thing I can think of but if anyone else has a more likely possibility; shoot!
  13. DcloudZ

    Re-Currency Requirements

    Find a drop zone, give them a call and tell them what's up, they'll tell you that you'll have to do a little refresher jump with an instructor and from there it's like riding a bike! Blue skies mate