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  1. I have this issue too. But if you click the "Login" button on the home page, then you get another logon box, and if you click "user name" entry box there, it DOES remember your user-ID and password, and inserts the values for you. I take that extra step so I don't have to type it every time. But the initial logon box on the home page should do it too, so this is a valid problem. I use Windows XP.
  2. Tell. Then if he breaks up with you for the old flame, he wasn't committed to you anyway, and you're better off for it.
  3. Here it is! The prettiest rig ever designed. Send my free jump money to manifest at Skydive Dallas.
  4. I second the motion for the swimming pool.
  5. Go back to your beginnings in the sport - do a solo jump, do no maneuvers, just look around and enjoy the scenery, feel the wind, reflect upon the magnificence of what you're doing, and grin.
  6. Do you have to wear a robin's egg blue helmet?
  7. I understand such things have not been uncommon during final approach on runways. Take a low-wing plane at 400 feet and a high-wing plane at 300 feet, both on the same approach, and neither can see the other. As they get closer to the end of the runway, they merge...
  8. The vast majority of people who pay zero income tax do pay sales tax, property tax (even if in the form of rent, which always includes the owner's property tax costs), etc. If there were a flat rate of (say) $25 minimum, what would be the cost of administering that flat rate, and what would be the rate of return to the gummint for collecting it, enforcing it, etc. Would it be worth it? You might bend over to pick up pennies, but not everyone thinks it's worth their while. I think everyone should pay some federal income tax. We all need to be invested in America, and have some stake in how the money gets spent. If 47% pay no federal taxes, then that's 47% who don't care about federal spending, and thus we have out-of-control federal spending. If everyone had to pay something, then everyone would pay more attention to federal spending, and would vote to get it under control. Even if you only make $20k per year, you ought to pay, say, $200 federal income tax. We need something to make people a part of this country, and to care about how it's run. If half of all Americans have no stake in it, then we're doomed.
  9. Zero is not a fair share.
  10. I hate the way the 60-minutes host repeats much of what the SEAL says, as if it doesn't really count until he says it. I heard it the first time!
  11. Every gun sale made by a gun dealer is personally approved by the BATF. They ARE screened.
  12. There are also still too many parachutes out there in the hands of idiots...
  13. Don't squish 'em together like that - it ain't natural!
  14. Yes. Because of the tailgate opening, the air in the cabin is sucked out the back end, creating a low-pressure area in the cabin. So it's the equivalent of being at a high altitude where there's less oxygen. And that leads some people to feel short of breath and to pant like a dog. Most people compensate by absorbing oxygen through their skin, like fish with gills. You might be one of the people who didn't inherit the fish gene, and so you feel it worst than most.
  15. That's awesome, I don't care what grumpy old men say.
  16. Dallas isn't desert. Everything else you said about guns is wrong too.
  17. What would you propose to stop the highway carnage of 36,000 dead every year in auto accidents, while still allowing safe drivers on the road? Or do you consider 36,000 dead to be of little consequence? Is that acceptable losses so that you can enjoy the freedom of driving a car? Is it selfish of you to want your car while 36,000 people die every year? Apparently the answer for just about everyone is "yes". We love our cars, and live with the consequences of that. Freedoms have a price. Just like the right to own guns. But we can reduce this highway carnage by instituting a nationwide 20 mph speed limit, that would eliminate nearly all of those traffic fatalities, without infringing upon everyone's freedom to own cars and drive. Would you be in favor of that? Sure, it's gonna take you longer to get to work and back home, but wouldn't saving 36,000 lives be worth it?
  18. Are Americans stupid enough to use the actions of a few madmen as justification for taking away the constitutional right of everyone else who exercises that right responsibly? If skydivers are really stupid enough to fly themselves into the ground at high speed and kill themselves under perfectly functioning canopies, is there justification for allowing them to have parachutes? I mean really?
  19. The idea that one country is better than another simply because their team won in some sporting event, is bunk.