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  1. Just to a 190/189 which ever I decide. USPA recommendations are 1.2 for a C-licence and I will be at 1.21 under a 190 unless I gain a lot of weight by then. If I don't feel confident under a 190 when I try them I won't do it.
  2. I haven't tried either of them yet. I'm going to get another hundred or so under my belt before I downsize. I just wanted some opinions of other people. I do plan on demoing(is that a word?) both before I decide though.
  3. How were the openings, turns, flare between the two?
  4. I'm thinking about choosing between these two for my next canopy. Just thought I would get some feed back from you guys on a good intermediate canopy. Which one do you like better?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am going to do some repacks before the course, but as far as sewing goes I'm clueless at the moment. I have been studying the written part for a few weeks now, and feel pretty confident about it. Thanks again, Blues.
  6. I've been a packer at my DZ for about a year now, and I decided I want my ticket. Has anyone taken his course before? What should I do to prepare myself? Any advice in general would be great. Thanks, Blues!
  7. I have a pilot 210 at about the same wing loading, and have the same problem with off heading openings. Everytime one side will inflate before the other. I don't have as long as a snivel as you, but being off heading is a concern for me as well. Any packing tips would be appreciated.
  8. I know this has been asked before, but I can't find an odyssey chart. Can anyone give me a link?