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  1. Are there any hard stats available or is this all based on experience? I'm a new camera flyer and am on the fence about whether or not to disconnect my RSL. However, the dropzone I want to work for requires me to disconnect it otherwise I can't jump camera there. I want to be at peace with this decision...I also know that if I provide more hard facts, if my choice is to leave it connected, they would be open at looking at that and changing the rule. Help?
  2. Really great me a lot to think about! Any other potential scenarios that might seem obvious to you but not so much to a camera newbie like me?
  3. So release the brakes BEFORE unclipping the wings? So let's go through an entanglement...would you automatically cut away your helmet? If it's a low speed mal but you can't free your helmet, would you try cutting the line first? If you cutaway your helmet, how high is the probability that you would have to follow that by a main cutaway?
  4. So I have read countless posts in this forum and I don't quite have a firm grasp on how my EPs will change once I begin jumping with a camera on my head. I will be consulting with experienced camera jumpers once the season starts, but I want to be as prepared mentally as I can be now...can we maybe consolidate how EPs change when jumping as a camera person (assuming I'm wearing wings and a cutaway system) and how to deal with each situation? Maybe have the same scenarios but with RSL connected/not connected if it changes the proceedures. Thanks!
  5. Currently researching the type of setup I want to invest in...for the people with the video on top and photo mounted oQuoteQuoten the front, does the weight of it pull forward on your neck or do you feel it pretty well balanced?
  6. LMAO, love your sense of humour! Thanks for the laugh!
  7. Looking at getting into doing video for tandems this year. I just need your opinions on whether I should get a Cam jacket or the full suit with booties...what do you prefer and why? I'm leaning towards just a jacket right now but a friend of mine insists that I need the full suit to be able to get there a lot quicker...thoughts?
  8. Awesome idea! Looking forward to my next solo jump now, thanks everyone!
  9. For what it's worth: I'm a newbie and reading up as much as I can while I skydive as much as I can, just eating it all up and fell instantly in love with the sport. I chose to start wearing an audible at around 20 jumps. In freefall: I feel it has helped me to build my internal clock. The faux pas here is that I have come to rely on it a bit meaning that I don't check my visual altimeter quite as often, especially when I'm in sit. But just before I hear the beep, I always sense it's just about to come and if it doesn't when I feel it should, that's when I check my wrist and usually get the beep within a second or two. From experience, is this eventually going to bite me in the but? Or am I right to trust the internal clock that's getting dialed in and will continue to get dialed in with more jumps? Under canopy: It has always been nothing more than a guideline…I never turn when I hear the beep, I simply make a note of the altitude and feel that it has helped me progress much faster than if I had to look at my visual altimeter and take my eyes off the ground and the airspace around me.
  10. So I'm new to the sport but have known from the beginning that I wanted to get into free flying and thanks to some tunnel time and some awesome coaches, I can hold a steady sit without back tracking. At my home DZ, it's not uncommon for me to have to go on solo jumps and was wondering if anyone had some drills to improve sit skills when you don't have a visual reference? So far I've got up & down levels, 360 turns and flips from sit to sit…any other suggestions?