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    Jumping while a jumper "missing".

    I'm not certain just yet where I stand on the ultimate question, but here's something additional -- couldn't jumpers (and planes) in the air help spot a downed jumper/canopy that could not be seen from the ground?
  2. evan85

    Staying Current During Winter

    Brian, this is a great article and some really good suggestions to stay current over the winter. One comment though -- as a climber, I've always been told never to clip metal to metal, if there will ever be fabric attached to either of those things. For example, on a quickdraw, one carabiner is always the "rope" side, and the other is always the "wall" side (where it is clipped to a piece of metal on the wall). The idea is that the "wall" side carabiner can get worn, get burrs, etc., and you wouldn't want your rope rubbing against that. I think the same concern is at issue here. If you clip carabiners directly to the large ring -- and then swing around in your harness over and over -- you are risking introducing wear to that large ring, putting burrs in it, etc. Your risers will then be rubbing against that wear/burrs/etc. and this could potentially cause a failure of the riser. Perhaps you could use risers properly installed on the rig and clip the carabiner through the top of the risers instead, where the metal-on-metal wear wouldn't be an issue?
  3. evan85

    Container alterations

    This is probably something you want the rig manufacturer to do, not just any old rigger. Most of them will adjust pieces of the harness for you. Cost seems to generally be around $300 -- call the folks that made the rig and ask them!
  4. evan85

    Storing a rig

    No need to disconnect the main from the container. You will probably want to take it out of the dbag and instead stuff it in a pillowcase or other permeable container (i.e. not a plastic trash bag). Dry silica packs are probably not a bad idea but if it was me I would not let them be in direct contact with the canopy, just in case. Your reserve is meant to stay packed for a long time. There's no issue with simply leaving it as is. Just send the container to your rigger to do the inspection and repack (hence the name I&R) -- he knows what to look for when inspecting the canopy far better than you do.
  5. Yes. Almost all (maybe all?) LCD screens suffer from this problem. I switched from polarized to unpolarized sunglasses while skydiving for the same reason.
  6. evan85

    USPA opening altitude

    2,500 ft is minimum container opening altitude, same as the old 2,000 ft rule was. If you (with a D license) deploy at your comfortable 3,000-2,800 ft altitude you will be unaffected. http://skydiveuspa.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/uspa-raises-minimum-deployment-altitude/
  7. evan85

    Looking for a list of 4 way exit types

    Something like this?
  8. evan85

    Skydiving at Burning Man

    I haven't done it myself but I know and regularly jump with the folks who organize it. Really great group of people, and I've only heard positive things.
  9. Was one of those "different ways" you tried to force the face down applying your entire body weight to the helmet?
  10. evan85

    New skydiver

    First of all, you should ask your instructors. They're the ones that have seen your canopy skills and your landings and are in the best place to answer this question, not a bunch of random folks on the internet. If you want random internet advice anyway, at least give us some more information. What canopy have you been jumping as a student? How big is it? That being said, take a look at what you're proposing. You weigh 190 pounds, and your gear will weigh another, say, 20-25 pounds. You'll be loading a 170 sq ft canopy at between a 1.24 and 1.26 wing loading. Go to any of the major canopy manufacturers' websites, pick a canopy (the kind you might eventually get as a first canopy) and look at the wingloading suggestions. Let's look at the PD Sabre2 as an example (http://www.performancedesigns.com/sabre2.asp). For the Sabre2 170, PD recommends an exit weight (that's you PLUS your gear) for students of no more than 136 pounds. As a "novice", the maximum exit weight on a Sabre2 170 is 153. Your exit weight of 210-215 falls between "advanced" and "expert"--and much closer to expert (187 and 221, respectively). So the short answer, from this random internet guy who's never seen you fly a canopy, is that this is a bad idea and you should stick to a wingloading of no more than 1.0 as someone just off student status (that would still put you as "intermediate", not "novice" on the Sabre2 chart). Flying a canopy that's too small can have serious, dangerous, even fatal consequences. You'll have lots of time in this sport to work up to a higher wingloading, but only if you stay safe and conservative at the beginning.