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  1. Yea I'm thinking that's going to be the most practical route for me anyway. I will jump (for now) as often as I can comfortably afford both money and time wise... and then buckle down once I fall into a stable career situation. But in the meantime, I'm still anxious to gather every bit of intel on the sport as I can!
  2. Thank you I will ask about those as well...
  3. yea I figured it was something like that... thank you for the info! I intend on calling the school sometime this week to schedule my second jump... So excited!
  4. I never really had any justified suspicion that the price was unfair. More less just threw that bit in as a conversation piece. My exit was at 10,000 ft, and no, went the budgeted route with no video. As for getting another job... well... I'm a full time student attempting to get into quite the competitive graduate program (anesthesiologist assistant) at quite the exclusive college (Case Western Reserve University). So not much time to plug into a second job! As for right now that absolutely has to be a priority... But transfusion medicine does pay out rather nicely in the mean time, so extra cash flow is not completely out of the question. The only toy I could possibly cut loose would be my motorcycle...... annnd fat chance of that, it's my first love. I guess my plan at this point is to put away a small amount and jump whenever I have the funds together. Is there any statute of limitations on getting your license? I wouldn't think that one can jump, ya know, like 1x a year for 25 or however many years and expect licensure!
  5. And ever since I've been planning on going... and especially now that I've done it... I've really been getting alot of shit from people, saying stuff like "Oh you're just young and doing young things." which is starting to piss me off quite frankly. I'm trying to relish in the glory of accomplishment and am being met with much animosity. Perhaps I just need to vent, and thought maybe someone can level with my frustration.
  6. Hey everybody, Just completed my first ever skydive on the 7th! Everything went well. Had an amazing time, can't wait to jump again! I am going to pursue my licensure but am just a little turned off by the cost of it all! Being a broke college student $209.00 a jump is nothing easy to part with! Does that even sound like a reasonable figure for a tandem jump? I have no idea... I am so green to this sport. All I know is that I'm in love....!