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  1. Thanks HH, works perfectly! Franck
  2. So that's what those black looks were about Well you'll be glad to know that I had to stop smoking because of the fusion. I have to stay away from any form of nicotin for at least 6 months... that's one good thing that came out of this, especially since my wife stopped at the same time. I should be in France for my sister's wedding in May, so we probably won't be able to make it to Perris. See you - Franck
  3. Are you sure you want to do that... this may get you in serious trouble those days -) I'll PM you my address, but I'm warning you, I'm out of Vicodin by now Franck
  4. Hey JT! I have been lurking around from time to time, but TalkBack is just too much for me, I can't keep up with the volume! I'm doing pretty well - in fact I am spending less time online because I started going out more - I was starting to go crazy spending 12 hours a day on the couch -) I started doing some biking (I can almost follow Valerie when she goes jogging), and lots of walking on the trails around the S.F. bay. Last time I saw the doctor he said I could remove the brace for showers, so I take lots of showers -) JT, I read you were in Eloy last week end, how was it? The weather was pretty changing and really unstable up here in CA, canopy flying was probably interesting... Deuce, are you compiling a general Eloy boogie video (based on what you showed at the bar one evening) or just the formation loads video? I'd offer a case of nice French wine for the footage you had, even unedited! Take care! Franck
  5. Yep, tried everything... the only thing I couldn't do was log back in using the original machine/browser/cookie I used to create the account - the machine doesn't exist anymore. I just PMd HH, hate to do that but I am running out of ideas -) Franck
  6. Bumping this up - on second thought I'd rather keep my nickname, but I still can't find a way to update my profile. I tried from 3-4 different machines with all kind of setups... Sangiro, I need your help! Franck
  7. Not sure I understand the possible replies to your poll. I have never been ripped off, simply because I am careful or lucky, not because I would "never do anything so stupid" as buying online. What should I answer?? Franck
  8. Hi Mouth, thanks for your post! Recovery is going ok... tried to play it hard for a couple days (no painkillers, running all around the house). Body not happy at all, back to as much valium & Tylenol as the doctors have allowed and life looks very cool again. Here's something I do need: next time you - I mean anyone reading this - heads for the DZ, pick the guy you think is the most at chance of getting involved in a canopy collision someday. Then spend 5 mn talking to him. Sounds a bit far from home a bit soon... but if you're visiting any SF bay area DZ next spring let me know, we'll come and say hi. Thanks! Carrol 1st pelvis surgery went well. He know has some external metal bars to stabilize the fracture. I've seen that on a paragliding friend, it looks really spooky but on the other hand it seems to help the fracture heal really well - that friend is now rock-climbing at a level I have never dreamed of... Thanks all for the good thoughts - and if you know Carrol contact Francie for visits, he may soon move to a different hospital closer to home. Franck
  9. Cool, I'll notify the nurses so they can arrange to have someone watch after Carrol's drug supplies while you're in the room -) It was great to hear he moved out of the ICU, now let's hope they can finish fixing him up as planned without any bad surprises so they can send him home. Franck
  10. Hey JT man, I'll spare you the stupid way I found to stop for at least a year. Looking back on my few months of skydiving (got lots of time to do that those days -)) here's my advice: make each jump count 20 times more than it does right now. You'll spend ten times less money, take ten times less risk, and have ten times more fun. If I ever come back to this sport I doubt I would ever make more than 1 or 2 jumps on any given day - as others have said the best side of this sport is the people you get to meet, and you get that for free by just hanging around the DZ, not by rushing to pack to get on the next load. Franck
  11. Hi all, just a quick word to let everybody know that I am back home from the hospital today. I'm not supposed to spend much time sitting in frnot of the computer so the details will have to wait, but all in all I have been very lucky and everything is looking fine. Unfortunately I haven't had any recent news from Carrol. I know he has been slowly but steadily improving up to the point where they had scheduled starting surgery on his pelvis, though unfortunately this had to be postponed due to a minor infection. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, I am sure he can feel all the good vibes coming to him. PS: I haven't had time yet to track down all the relevant threads, please feel free to repost this message or a link to it in other threads. Franck
  12. I can burn a CD for whoever wants one, esp. if we can get Deuce video online as well. PM me if interested... Franck
  13. And BTW, "View my Profile" returns "Your search returned 0 matches" and no profile... so it really looks like my profile got lost somewhere. Also. I used non alphanumerical characters in my password (read the registration screen too fast), maybe that's what's confusing the script... and I can't find how to change it now. Well, that nickname sucked anyway, so maybe I'll just go ahead and re-register... Franck
  14. I tried to clear all my cookies and restarting, same problem. I even installed Netscape 7 and tried it, same result. I log in as franck102, click "myDZ", then "Modify profile" and I get "You can not modify this record. You can only edit your own profile." I'm out of ideas, any help welcome! Thanks - Franck
  15. Thanks Cornholio, very cool video! Franck