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  1. Done. I'm not too much of a lunatic haha.
  2. blueblur

    Semi stowless bags

    Quick answer, yes, contact them, I'm pretty sure you'll need to either measure your current bag or pack tray (likely the bag) and they can get you a model of theirs that should work. That's my plan here soon.
  3. blueblur

    Atom 00, tempo 150, diablo/stiletto 150

    Contact the manufacturer of the container with the serial number. They will know the best answer.
  4. blueblur

    Looking for good jump suit

    a used one that comes closest to fitting well.
  5. blueblur

    USPA Nationals Logo

    I'd guess the red blob is a mountain silhouette of some sort?
  6. blueblur

    Pacific Skydiving Center

    Jumped 11/14/2012 (two weeks before the last review...) This was my second tandem and my wife's first (she's hooked now, I already was...). We had great tandem instructors, mine was a tall lanky guy with over 10k jumps and he was only 34! Good ground schooling and facilities (not high level big-city stuff, it's Hawaii, if you aren't familiar with the local living style, this fit in). We did some pretty good maneuvers in the air, head down flying and some flips and spins. Unlike the previous reviewer, my tandem guy offered and really tried to talk me into starting my A license with them! Told me I could get through ground school in half a day. Only reason I passed was I had an appointment to spend a grand on a tattoo two days later. I had none of the attitude or issues previously mentioned! All in all, a great experience and I will definitely be jumping solo there after my A is done!