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  1. your quite right, all you need is a drivers license but in my case its my 1st week at the dz/in the real world and in the process of swapping over to a nzpia license. in the mean time while im on my work placement there watching to see if im reliable, hard worker etc and paying me in jumps. if they like what they see which they are they will train me up to be a tandem instructor. all dz are different, some of my friends went straight into camera slots. i chose my dz because of its name and location. as for other options to get into the industry are still very cost effective and a much longer progress, it worked out each solo jump only cost me $37 instead of $45 which is what people off the street would pay and we also got all the other training included by a world champion gary beyer got us doing 3point 8ways. i understand the states its different but if your a kiwi its by far the best way and if your from over seas, the over seas students were still very impressed on the course. keep on keeping on
  2. Hi Ken, If hes wanting to get a career in the industry then yes i believe you will get your moneys worth and more! Im currently doing my work placement at taupo tandem skydiving (one of the best drop zones out there), im currently doing ground camera and driving the bus. a few of my friends have been lucky enough to already have a camera slot! the school provides 170 jumps (coaching from a world champion) and teaches all other fields in the industry. i recommend you email them or ring them and speak to them directly, they will answer any questions you may have. PH: (03) 302 9143 Fax: (03) 302 9140 Email: [email protected] Website: www.skydivingnz.com i hope this helps cheers nathan keep on keeping on
  3. I've noticed a lot of bad talk going around about the new zealand skydiving school in pudding hill.. whatever the talk was i can assure you its not true as i was a student there this year and currently on my work placement. me and the other 8 students on the january course had the best time of our lives and all learnt more than we were expecting, gary (world champion), darren, marika and mason are all excellent instructors who will all with out question go the extra mile to help. if anyone is considering doing the course then all i can say is do it (if doing 3point 8ways with under 130 jumps interests you), you'll love it and you'll get a huge head start in the industry. it was life changing for me. feel free to message me if you have any questions. chur