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  1. beeman

    Skydive The Farm

    I started going out to the Farm two weeks ago to start working on my AFF through A license. I had never jumped before and despite wanting to get into the sport, I was nervous about going into AFF. My first jump course was with Mike Anderson, who answered every question I had planned on asking just in the course, kept us engaged, and made sure we were confident with the material at each step. When it came time to go jump, I was nervous but confident and ready to go. My first jump was with Mike and Walt, both of which did a great job at everything from going over each part of the jump to just helping me relax. The instructors perform several gear checks on the ground and in the air on every jump, and teach the students to do the same, and to focus on safety which I like. When it came time to leave the plane, I was nervous, but mostly relaxed and we had a pretty good skydive. Since then, I've completed through level 5, and had an amazing time on each jump. I'm headed back in a few days for level 6 and 7 and to start solo diving. Every instructor I've had did a great job of explaining the skydive, what to do, and then giving feedback on what to improve upon once we were back down. I've felt confident jumping with every one of them, and thanks to the instructors, I've gotten a lot more confident in the air and am loving the sport. I can't wait to get back out there and jump again. For the DZ itself, it's a fun place to hang out. Very laid back atmosphere, and everyone is friendly and welcoming which is awesome for a shy new guy. Anyway, friendly atmosphere, great place to hang out, pretty awesome prices, nice big landing area, very safety oriented instructors who teach really well. I'm really glad I chose the Farm to start jumping and I will absolutely continue to jump there through and after getting my A license.