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  1. The extremely pie-dependent ones have to buy two seats in some cases, so I guess it works out...
  2. You probably cant see clearly, but here is me with the main still in, and the reserve out. So I'm assuming it works fine.
  3. Do we have to book in advance, or just show up on the day?
  4. Its a great DZ, really cant say enough good things about it. Fast planes, 15K altitude, huuuuuuge landing area, friendly staff, nice bar, easy to get to. Only thing its missing is a bunkhouse...
  5. Seems that Spain is a popular destination for uk AFF students, due to generally great weather, cheaper prices and abundance of British instructors. People will always recommend the DZ and school they trained with, so in the spirit of the probable forthcoming discussion here are some of the more popularly argued for choices... I have personal experience of the first (I did AFF with them), and I've visited the last one and seen their AFF operation when very busy (there were a whole lot of us collegiates out there at easter). I can thoroughly recommend both of them, although Empuriabrava (the first one) will always be my favourite (but I am biased...) :::Edited for spelling:::
  6. Put it in a lunchbox with some plasticene and carry it wherever you go. See how long it takes you to get arrested.
  7. I wont tell you that you shouldnt go to Ocana, heard great things about it, but I can heartily recommend the freefall co at empuriabrava!
  8. Be warned, if you read the whole of this page whilst eating, it is likely you will puke.
  9. Recursive subroutines???? I have no idea what you're talking about, I just like looking at the kitties!
  10. Had to post this, a must for all cat lovers!
  11. I think most people are going to say that you should ask your instructor, and then look at the relevant safety articles on this site in the meantime. Skyhooks only come on Vectors (as far as I know, could be wrong), so that should help you narrow down your container choice...
  12. That sounds a nifty idea, think I might just start doing that myself....
  13. In my brief skydiving career Ive jumped all 3 (a twin otter with side benches at empuria, a dornier g92 with straddle benches, and a fair few where it was the floor). I like the space you get when there are no benches, but its more comfortable with them in. I preferred the side benches to straddle ones too, just my personal preference I guess...