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  1. I just started working on Static line training... I had a twist my first SL jump, no worries... was easy to overcome. I had a horseshoe where my right rear riser wrapped around my left ankle my second SL jump... a little freaky, but still, stayed calm and am still here to respond to your post. Yes, exiting the plane is terrifying. Yes, if something goes wrong on deployment, still terrifying, but you'll find that (if you're like me) time slows and you simply evaluate, clear, cut, and ride to safety. (speaking from experience) give your first AFF a try, and I'm sure you'll love it. If you're too scared to even breath, try it another time or 2. That's my experience, but only you can decide what's right for you.
  2. Jumping from a C206. And thanks for the clarification that the first wasn't a malfunction. I'm still learning and picking up the terminology. I just knew that my lines were twisted and that I had to pull apart on my risers and kick in the opposite direction to gain canopy control. I must say, my 2nd jump malfunction caused a lot of stress to the folks on the ground. But the thorough training I received made me feel like it was nothing I couldn't overcome while I dealt with it.
  3. Hello all, New to the site and the forums. I am a new student to the sport. I have done several (8) tandems over the years, but just started working on my A license. This last weekend, I began my static line progression. I got 2 jumps in, and experienced malfunctions on both jumps, both were self induced. My school does static line @ 5k ft agl. On my first jump, I had a horrible exit, I pulled a "dead spider." I flipped about 3 times before the static line pulled, and deployed upside down. This resulted in a nasty twist, which I cleared without issue. (My FJC teacher was very thorough in EP training) After exiting the plane, the winds increased dramatically (welcome to colorado) and I landed without incident in 20 mph crosswinds. On my second jump, I made sure to focus on my exit, but still flopped it. I exited and went head down and slightly sideways, but popped a perfect arch. This made me twist sideways due to relative wind. My instructors told me that my malfunction this time was basically a horseshoe. My right rear riser wrapped around my left ankle upon static deployment. I cleared the ankle twist, looked up, saw the deflated chute, and after trying to clear the malfunction, cut away and popped my reserve. I was at 3700 ft upon cutaway, so still had time. I never once felt a sense of panic, but simply executed my EPs and rode my reserve down to safety. My girlfriend (who is also on the static line progression) made both of her jumps without incident. I have full faith in my instructors and riggers, and realize that both of my malfunctions were entirely self-induced. I am simply wondering this: Has anyone here ever heard of a student jumper experiencing malfunctions on both of their first 2 jumps? (especially one being a horseshoe) I am not deterred in my progress, in fact, I am going for my 3rd and 4th jumps this weekend (though this time exiting from hanging on the strut, rather than leaping from the door, per my instructor) Safe diving to all.