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  1. Hullo NWFlyers. Opps! I forgot it's my first so I need to buy some beer for everyone and for my local shop. If ya'll are at Perris this Friday and Saturday i'll be bringing in the cases. I decided on the Vector...I know, i know, but I hope this doesn't turn into a brand vs brand war But I wanted to go with a Vector for several reasons. 1. I knew the turnaround time would have been 32-34 weeks because i checked their website. But at the same time, I wanted to take that 32-34 week advantage to refine my canopy skills. So my target is 150-200 jumps by the time the rig arrives. 2. I looked high and low (pun intended?) on the classified and craig's list for a year but could not find a rig that was sized for me for the canopy i wanted to fly. So i went ahead and ordered rig that would fit me yet have a container to fit a 190 with the option to downsize later to a 170. 3. Since i'm a unique size, if i decide to resell the rig and go with something smaller then i think it would hold it's value for those other unique sized people that want a good rig but still want to fly a conservative WL. what do you think?
  2. ...Rig! Now the 34-34 week waiting period begins :D No worries, Square One has an awesome demo program and awesome staff!
  3. I know. I feel ashamed. I did take a packing class just to fulfill the requirements to become lic. But in the class we learned to pack over a hook. I'm going to take a refresher course and learn to pack over the shoulder. For now, it takes me 1 hour to pack my rental :( That's why i'm opting to pay for a packer while I wait for my rig to come in.
  4. I agree. Those packers that I go to work their butts off and do it every weekend (well the weekends I am there). My hats off to them. I was asking because I didn't know if my tip range was too small. I certainly appreciate their work and I do not want to short change them at all.
  5. I'm all about supporting my local store Square 1. Dude who has worked the counter on the weekends is very knowledgeable and helpful. Their manager, I think Dwayne, is cool too. He gave me a quick packing bootcamp class on a day there weren't any packers around and even offered to pack my rig for the day.
  6. Hi skydiving friends! I've been jumping as a licensed jumper since Feb 13. I'm still on my 210 sqft "Cadillac" and I will admit I am quite lazy packing that Cadillac up. So I've been having a packer pack my rig for every jump. Each pack job costs $7 and an additional $3 for disconnecting and rigger rolling the main. In a Sat or Sun I make 4 jumps. So the cost I give to my packer is $34. To tip my packer I usually drop down $45 - $50 and tell him to keep the change. My question is is $11 - $16 a good tip range? If not, what should I be tipping my packer in terms of monetary compensation? Thanks everyone and blue skies!
  7. I'm just gonna put it out there but have you tried asking your doc or physical therapist for their advise?
  8. Was my comment BS? What I was referring to is I've seen young bucks come into this sport thinking they were bullet proof or think they know the risks just because they ride a supersport.
  9. Chlorine takes that blood right off in a second...which reminds me, i once used chlorine on my bathroom floor right after a.... You forgot the "winkie" icon so any newbies reading it will realize you're joking. Of course, never ever get bleach on your canopy.
  10. Glad you made it back ok. Have you looked into getting some tunnel time before attempting freefly maneuvers?
  11. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQAbLUzZ2ZFcFA99Lxz_Ca1jEiHztgksA4wiDOH-gT4EtJuCfH_Fg
  12. I won't lie about it..i do it for the ladies
  13. hullo..new in the sport and i'm still renting gear until i get to a comfortable wing to fly. But i've heard alot of people rave and crave and swear to the Almighty that the Curve is the rig to end all rigs. Why isn't it worth the $3000? Thanks
  14. AFF at Perris was a cake walk..didn't have to repeat any jumps.... Then again, i accumulated 30 minutes in the tunnel as part of my training during AFF