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  1. Cool video ! Which group is it (the music)? Cheers pancho
  2. Hi, much diffrence with the 550 ? i saw your pictures, nice. Shutterfly works in Europe too ? Cheers Pancho PS : if you come in Spa, we drink some beers
  3. Hi Iwan, I've the canon fisheye allready so ... using it on my 35mm for a while , also the 0.24 of canon. Cheers Pancho
  4. Hi there, I want to buy an external flash. Somebody has experience witht the speedlight 420 EX ? Or higher ? Batterylife by skydiving, ... ? I want to use it for 35mm eso 300 and slr d10 Cheers, Pancho
  5. In fact, a lot smaller as the sigma. Have a look on canon's site. Fisheye 0.15 : (EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye)
  6. Had a look on the site of canon usa. 50% higher as the D10 , right ? Pancho
  7. Hi, I know that much people use a sigma fisheye, I've an original canon 0.15 fisheye and ordered the Canon D10 with external extra flash. Somebody has experience with canon's fisheye and the d10 ? Blue Skies Pancho
  8. Very nice club with great people and in 2004 a grand caravan with a lot of activities planned so far !
  9. Hi, The guys from paratec are jumping at my dropzone (skydivecenter spa belgium), if you would like to have more information, come to Spa (I saw your email is in the Netherlands). Ask for Frank or Sebastian, Cheers Pancho
  10. Hi, yes, you're 100% right !!! The openings of the Demon are the best I ever had !!! Cheers, Pancho
  11. 100% right, that's why I said it ! It's NOT a beginners-canopy, cheers Quote
  12. I use a friends rig with a Demon 110 as backup rig if there is a lot videowork to do. The openings are better then my stiletto 135, I don't like the closing system of the slider. PD's slider is better in my opinion. Demon 110 is of course faster as my stiletto 135, the swoops are longer but I have more lift at the end of a swoop with my stiletto. The demon is a good canopy but can not compete with a velocity 103/111. My exitweight is > 100 Kg. Small details : on 2 months 2 people crashed with the Demon on my dropzone (Skydivecenter Spa Belgium) (1 was coming from a stiletto 150 to a demon 110 (the one I jump from time to time), the other jumped a demon 100 and was coming from a contreal 150. Packing is very easy with performance variable but I'm a true Performance Designs fan, I wait for the new Katana. Turning goes faster on my stiletto. Cheers.
  13. hi, have a look on cheers pancho
  14. Somebody tried Sony's DCR IP 45 or 55 yet ? Blue Skies, Pancho
  15. Hi, I spoke with a representative from PD when there was a demo-seminair at skydivecenter Spa in Belgium. It will be a new stiletto that dives much more and no airlocks, quick turns, ... That's all he told me ... Pancho